Sunday, April 26, 2009

Any given Sunday.

My day goes something like this. (Sundays I try to do what I want, instead of what I should do. The husbeast does the bulk of the Goob-watching, and I do whatever I like. Which usually involves hanging around the house anyway.)

I slept in, and got up late, and saw this, as soon as I left my bedroom.

Please note the pirate dinosaur jammies; she's on the larger of the two sizes we got her, now.

I got some tea and went off to my office, where I finished a cabbage rose I'd been working on since the night before. (Each petal is made individually... that takes a while.)

I really need to get over the botany student, knee-jerk urge to build anatomically correct flowers. It'll never happen anyway, and I'm driving myself insane trying. I've actually caught myself looking at botany books before working on ribbon flowers. That is madness.

The Goober (who was at this point wearing her taffeta 'Pwincess' dress, because it was the only way I could bribe her out of her jammies) spotted the flower and wanted it for her hair. After a round of intense negotiations, I came up with a solution both of us were willing to live with.

Getting her to calm down while I hot-glued the barrette to the flower was quite a feat. And I still want a USB glue gun. It'd be way more convenient.

I'd finished the current dye job as of Friday, and let it dry overnight. Yesterday was a whole lot of pre-drafting. Today I started spinning.

This is the nefarious project. No. You can't see it yet. But the first skein should be along any time; I'm excited and dying too see how it looks, so I'm going to ply the first bobbin instead of spinning all the singles first and THEN plying.

I got around to knitting a swatch of the Berry Picking. Love it. It's knit up here at seven stitches per inch, and it could be knit more tightly for socks.

I'm listing it in the shop tomorrow. But I hope nobody buys it.

For the rest of the day, I intend to do much the same. Some floral work, some spinning, maybe knit on a sock. If I feel really motivated I'll clean off the back porch. Maybe. And the Goob's room needs cleaned.

Tomorrow is soon enough for all that.

Sehkmet, of course, regally ignored all the action, pretending to sleep in her nest in my office.

But if you know cats, you can tell by the ears that she's 'watching' everything.


Louiz said...

Sounds like an excellent way to spend a Sunday, and what a cute princess:)

Amy Lane said...

What a lovely Sunday... and we all know that cat was planning to take over the world.

Roxie said...

I envy that pwincess dwess. Tres chic! And what a good husbeast he is!

I have been knitting these plum-colord mohair willy warmers, and was thinking that some nice camo yarn would also be appropriate.
Think you could dye the roving for that?

Galad said...

I can see why the Goob loves the pwincess dress. She looks beautiful.

All in all, a very nice Sunday.

historicstitcher said...

I try to do the same thing with Sundays, only I ended up washing another fleece and a half, doing the ironing, and tidying the kitchen. Which was only a fraction of what "needed" done, and since I got to spin, and eat cake on the patio in the setting sun, I can't really complain, can I?

Alwen said...

My Yahoo reminder for Sunday says "Do whatever I dang well please!"

Barbara said...

Remind me again why the Goob had to change out of her pirate jammies? I mean, I'd change for a Pwincess dwess, but was there another reason? Some mom-ish reason she couldn't spend the day as a dinosaur pirate? I spent Sunday in my zebra and giraffe jammies since I'm post-surgical. Also lazy.