Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'll tell ya what I'm gonna do.

Donna Lee and several others wanted to know how I intended to spin the pound of Purple Trainwreck. I intend to spin it just like I'm spinning the Berry Picking sock yarn I'm working on now; worsted-spun triple-ply. I'll probably chain-ply it like I'm doing the sock yarn. I may get a wild hair and do regular triple-ply, but I doubt it. Chain-plying is less bother. (Spoken like a self-taught spinner.) As for pre-drafting, well, that'll be the same too, so yesterday while working on the sock yarn, I took some photos.

The carpet beetle situation has forced me to get organized and kind of paranoid; the up side is, there's almost no cat hair in the fiber when I spin it, now. The orange nesting bowls were scored for sixty cents each, on sale at Hancock Fabrics. They'll even hold water if I ever go insane and try to wet-spin linen.

I use three bowls, plop the roving to be separated in the middle bowl, and start pulling the roving in half.

Once I've got the roving halved, I roll up one half - way too heavy to spin from yet - and put it back in its storage container, to be dealt with later. Then I shuffle the bowls, and split the half into half again.

I keep doing this until I wind up with something almost, but not quite, as thin as a pencil roving. Exactly how thin depends on how thin the single is, that I'm aiming for. But for sock yarn, it's pretty darn thin.

Usually that's it, and I roll it up and toss it in storage container number two.

Once I've got the second storage container full of rolls of roving to be spun, I seal everything up, re-nest the orange bowls, and then use that to hold the single ball of roving as I spin it. I get more out of the storage container as needed.

Mostly this is it for pre-drafting, but if one of the almost-pencil roving splits weirdly and is uneven or a little too heavy, I will do formal pre-drafting and pull it between my hands to thin it down and smooth it out.

Und THEN, I schpin! (That's supposed to be a silly fake German accent.)


In other happy news, I got a "Kreativ Blogger" award from Tinkingbell!

Apparently I'm interesting and clever. Always a nice thing to hear. Thank you!


Also, I caught the Goob watching TV and reading a book yesterday. (I made her move back from the screen, as soon as I took the picture. Honest. Well, and got done laughing.)

All she needs is some knitting, and she'll look just like her mum.


Speaking of knitting, the orange sock is too big. I'm starting over. I'd like to complain, but I keep thinking it's good practice. Left the knot out of Judy's Magic Cast-On and am much happier. It's still kinda uneven but that just needs practice. I've got piles of stuff I really should be knitting... but I keep returning to the spinning wheel. That's what I do when I'm stressed, and with the retirement and more musical doctors at the Air Force base, well, it's a darn sight better than real tranquilizers.


Anonymous said...

Does that mean we have an extention on when our socks are due? I am almost done but stupidly I started reading a good book and I can't multi-task like the Goober.

great pic of her btw.


Emily said...

"...the up side is, there's almost no cat hair in the fiber when I spin it, now." Bwa ha ha! I really laughed at that one. I have to wear black to play concerts, and all of my black, no matter how clean, is adorned with cat hair. Even black cats seem to produce some pale hairs just for this purpose.

Amy Lane said...

Wow--go Goober! The roving is TOO pretty--and I know what you mean. Thee are some crafts we turn to when we need to slow down. Hats and socks... totally zen.

Roxie said...

Mmmmm, berry picking roving looks yummy!