Thursday, April 16, 2009

VK sucks even more than we thought!

I mention this for the, what, three of you who don't read the Yarn Harlot.

Over on her blog, today, she's discussing how she's trying to knit a pattern from Vogue Knitting 2006, and she found on Ravelry that there's an error in the pattern. So she went to the web site at VK and got the corrections.

And the corrections are wrong.

Details at her blog, here.


Pam said...

immediately thought of you when I read YH.

Roz said...

well hell.

(I didn't feel so good swearing on the Harlot's page, so I came back here...)

Shea said...

When I read her blog I immediately thought of you. Too funny!

Bells said...

See previous comments on VK. Not bothering with it myself!

Leonie said...

Cracked me up! Sorry for harlot that she had to sort it out but at least she can!!