Saturday, December 05, 2009

More snow.

It snowed again today, but unlike the day after Thanksgiving, it is sticking. There's not much of it, but what there is started turning icy, once the sun went down. We didn't realize it was that bad until we slid sideways into a parking lot; looks like we've got more to remember about this northern winter thing than we realized.

Lately I've got a new thermometer in the house.

That's how I know it's below freezing. Her little bare toes get really cold, poor Hawaiian kitty.


I've begun knitting up the alpaca/silk with the moonstone beads.

That blue glow isn't the flash, its the iridescence of the stone. I'm not sure I like the pattern or not, but there's enough of it knit up that there's no way I'm unraveling and starting over. Once it's done, I'll write up the pattern for you guys as a holiday present. For once I'm actually keeping track of what I do as I knit it.


Otherwise, the silk I got yesterday is soaking in a pot of water with a plate on top of it (to hold it under the water). Maybe I should blog that, as a how-to. Hm. Well, I hope to finish up the sock yarn I'm spinning now at about the same time I finish dyeing the silk, and can get started on the gift spinning (only one, small, mellow project planned).


For those following the plant discussion, Alwen has been writing about paw-paws over on her blog. It's good to know other plant geeks. Heehee. Maybe tomorrow I'll do the spice rack.


Roxie said...

Alpaca, silk, moonstones - SWOON!

Love your thermometer. She must be really vexed with life right now.

Alwen said...

Yeah, do the spice rack! That's like a history of commerce right there.

Donna Lee said...

I was going to ask why you were soaking the silk but I guess you're dying it. What a beautiful load of fiber! I like your choice in colors.

Amy Lane said...

Ohhh... poor puss puss... she'll NEVER leave you alone now! And I'll be lying in puddle of swoon with Roxie... alpaca, silk, & moonstones... mmmmm...

Robin said...

That's the cutest thermometer I've ever seen!