Friday, December 04, 2009

I lost my head a little.

Yesterday I was telling the husbeast that I was getting a little squirrelly. He's been working a lot, which means I've been watching the Goober a lot. Doing anything seven days a week without a break gets old. So he gave me a 'mad money' budget and told me to have fun.

I did.

Today I headed off to Natural Stitches, the nearest yarn store (so far as I know). I went, because I knew from their web site that they have spinning fiber. I never did really look at the yarn; I went straight to the wall of fiber and started rooting through it, much like a truffle pig on the scent (but with less mess, I hope). They had some great stuff, and between my mad money budget (more than I usually allow myself), Christmas coming up (I want to spin something for my mother-in-law), and general insanity, well. I wound up with a little over three pounds of fiber. I refuse to think how long it's going to take me to spin it up. Don't tell me.

First, some space-dyed pencil roving.

It's in easter-egg pastel colors, and I want to use it to experiment with supercoil yarn. There's a half pound there, so I should get a good bit of yarn out of it. Should be fun. I've got some bright green wool carrier 'thread' to spin it with. That should work.

I got four ounces each of four colors, to play around with a color blending experiment I want to try.

Pink to orange. My favorites. I wanna keep this and knit something with it. In all the spare time I have from other knitting projects. (Gonna be at least two months overdue with these Lustkofen I'm knitting for Christmas.)

And I got a pound of baby alpaca

and a half pound of silk

that are going to be made into a present for somebody for something. Yes. I'm deliberately vague on that.

I will definitely shop there again. Very affordable. You know, in 2015 when I finally get this stuff spun up.

Now if you excuse me, I gotta go spin like the wind to finish up my current project, so I can start on some of this.



Cynder said...

Jellous! I wish I had a spinning shop near by.

Hm, birthday comming up in a few weeks, maybe I can convine the husband to let me order online.

Amy Lane said...

EEEEEEEE!!! Had to be said, because mad money and good buys MUST be celebrated!

Emma M. said...

Oh lordie. Just the WORDS "a pound of baby alpaca" left me swooning. Alpaca cannot be beat in my opinion.

Bells said...

what a haul! I'd say you'll have a ball with that.

Roxie said...

Silk! Baby alpaca (just the thought gives me a frission of pleasure!) and oh the joyous colors of that pencil roving! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Do you think the Goober would join you in a happy dance? Frolic around the husbeast in physical expression of joy and thanksgiving. He will know he's gotten good value for his money.

Barbara said...

That Husbeast, he's one in a million. I got the one for another million in Durwood. It's hard to explain a fantastic husband to others. I kind of feel left out in some groups of women when they are venting about how non-understanding their mates are.

Alwen said...

I love alpaca.

That is all.

Robin said...

OH MAN! I'm feeling a little squirrely, too. I think some mad money would work wonders! Love the fiber you picked and can't wait to see what it becomes.