Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Back from the semi-dead.

I've had a few cautious e-mails asking me if I was all right, what with the emotionally blasted month of December and the holidays and all. In terms of mood, I've been doing pretty good. The real problem - the reason for the lack of posting - has been that I've been down with semi-pneumonia since before Christmas. You know, one of those viral things that fills your lungs with goo, which then sits there until you breathe a stray bacteria and BAM. Pneumonia.

I've played that game about five times now, ignoring the goo and telling myself I'd be fine, only to be hauled into the doctor and told I've got pneumonia. So this time around, I tried to be virtuous and not ignore it and take the medication properly and... my doctor was on vacation and it took three days to convince the wankers at his office that there was a problem, and in those three days the goo turned into... well, yeah.

So I tried to be lively for Christmas, then came home and slept for a week. I'm still in the sleeping it off phase; the Goober and I get up, she watches cartoons, and I nap in the recliner.

For now, some cute photos.

Here's the Goob next to our Charlie Brown Christmas tree; note the hand-made star at the top. The Goober and I made that after she noticed there was 'nothing up there' and insisted we do something about it.

The Goob got a fishing game, with little rods and hooks with velcro on them, and fishies also with velcro. You hook one with the other, and, well, the husbeast joined in to show her how it was done.

Do you like the hat he's wearing? It was a gift from his brother; we suppose a commentary on his new beard and shaggy look. It's got ear flaps with rabbit fur on them that you can buckle up over the top or down over your ears. I'm sure it was intended as a gag gift, but the husbeast says it's warm and has been wearing it to work. If you or I wore that hat out in public, people would laugh in our faces. But the husbeast? No one says a word.

We also did the traditional family dinner, though it was a tad pared-down this year. My mother-in-law and I have been lecturing each other about overdoing for about a year, and this time we decided to listen to each other. So there was a roast turkey, but side dishes were a bare minimum and we ate off the regular plates instead of pulling out the china and crystal and doing a full-on fancy meal. (With the Goob at the table, the lack of crystal does many good things for my peace of mind. And digestion.) The traditional family dressing was made:

That's a pound and a half of butter, melting.

The holiday was pleasant enough, just very low-key, allowing for the fact I couldn't breathe. I'd love to do next year's Christmas the same way, but this time be healthy for it.

Tomorrow I'll try to come up with something interesting.


Emily said...

Oh, oh! Poor you. But in my family, big holidays are when illness strikes. I'm still stunned by the Christmas Eve when my 16-year-old son begged, "Please, can I go to the doctor?" Christmas Day we found: severe mono, with a badly enlarged spleen, and strep. Holy moly.

I live with goop in my lungs, & colonized bacteria. Not fun. But I drain it every day so I can breathe. I can just imagine how bad you felt. Keep your head down & get better.

Roxie said...

I think your husbeast could wear a pink bow in his hair and no one would make a peep. An Elmer Fudd hat is nothing!

Hosting a big party does not mean becoming home to a colony of pneumonia bacteria. Have you gotten the pneumonia vaccine? You may not have reached the age of mandatory senility, but you may be a good candidate none-the-less.

You now have full authority to get the hell well. The world is out of whack when you're subdued.

Nicole said...

Glad to see you're alive. I've just stumbled upon your blog and have been reading the archives and you are one charming, hilarious woman. I hope you feel better -- pneumonia is no fun. :(

Mandy said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better. I LOVE your homemade star tree-topper! The star on top of our tree ('cuz, you know, we have both a tree and 3 menorahs) was made by me circa 1974 out of drinking straws and black yarn for my dad's mini-tree. That was the year my Dad spent Christmas in the hospital after going into "sugar shock" and driving his car into a brick wall - that was also the year they found out he was diabetic. I've used it every year since he passed in 1989. It's uber-cheesy and my son loves it.

Spam word = santedi. Isn't he the patron saint of lingerie?

Louiz said...

Glad you're slowly on the mend - and love the tree topper.

Galad said...

The whole goo and not breathing well thing really sucks. Hope you are on the mend!

Word Verification: cutorize
Something the Goob does for every picture :-)

Amy Lane said...

Glad you're back. If I hadn't seen you on Twitter, I would have been worried, but as it is, your asshole doctor has officially wanked you up again! Feel better!

And yes--the husbeast looks very very mountain man in that hat!

Barbara said...

The Goob looks like a real kid next to your totally adequate tree. Love the star. Mark my words, it'll still be up there when she graduates from high school. Those kind of things really hang around.

Pneumonia sucks. Pneumonia especially sucks during the holidays when you'd like to be conscious for at least part of the day. Feel better soon. Wankers.

Love the Husbeast's hat. Very macho mountain man-ish.

verification word-- coloun: British punctuation mark or body part?

Donna Lee said...

Husbeast could use that hat here today. Snow is falling and it's cold.

I hope the goo responds to the meds and you feel more alive. I've been sleeping alot this week, too. It hardly seems like a vacation when you're asleep for most of it.

ellen in indy said...

i second the pneumonia-vaccine comment. lungs are meant to be filled with fresh air, not crud and foul microorganisms.

long live the goober's tree-star. she's right: something needed to be up there.

and i think the elmer fudd had is just perfect for life in pigsbird. if i lived there, i think i'd get one for myself (unless i could knit something that warm in little or no time).

here's to a year of happiness, health and humongous amounts of good knitting for us all!

p.s.: my word's hethr, which is either txtspeak for "hey there" or my dyslexic son's way of spelling dd's bff's name.