Friday, December 25, 2009

A joyful, peaceful day to you all.

Regardless of what holiday you celebrate. Even if you're at the office, peace and joy.

Obviously I've mellowed out just a tad since that last post. The thrummed mittens got finished and were given to my father-in-law last night as a thank-you for getting my Jeep fixed two weeks ago. He loves them, and they fit. Otherwise, just the fact that the holiday's here has de-stressed me quite a lot. No more freaking out over what's not done. Whatever it is, it isn't done and I'm done. Everyone is still happy and the Goober isn't a deprived child due to lack of cookie-making, and we'll all survive very well.

The Goober and my father-in-law play a game, where my father-in-law pretends to sleep, and the Goober yells "Cock a doodle doo!" and then he pretends to wake up. So this morning, when my father-in-law slept late, we took the Goober into the bedroom, stood her at the foot of the bed, and had her make the rooster noise. My father-in-law woke up about halfway through, laughing.

Any day you wake up laughing is a good day.


Emily said...

Oh, Julie, I'm so glad for you.

Sometimes Christmas is purely awful. I had to call CPS (Child Protection Services) on my daughter yesterday, after much discussion & 48 hours of being sick to my stomach with worry, seeing signs that she might try suicide, taking the baby with her. Now she's enraged at me, which hurts, but it's a much safer state of mind for her. So she & baby are shunning me for Christmas; it's kind of lonely, but I'm no longer frantic with fear. I'm exhausted! And glad for the peace.

Keep the Goob laughing. God bless little ones at these times.

Barbara said...

You know what? Nobody ever dies from undone Christmas "shoulds." A cock-a-doodle-do-ing Goober seems like the perfect way to start the day.

Emily, I'll pray for your daughter and grandbaby that things work better for them. Peace is good.

Long distance hugs to your family. Oh, and I had to make another double batch of toffee shortbread cookies this morning to get us through the day. Enabler.

Georgi said...

I am so glad things are looking better for you nopw. I was also dreading or at least not looking forward to Christmas, but this has been a great day with my family. But I have to tell you, I am glad the Goober is not my alarm clock :-)
To Emily, I am very sorry and wish I could help you. What you did was a very brave and difficult thing to do.

Merry Christmas

Roxie said...

Glad that grampa could wake up laughing! He's a good man! Peace and joy to you, too!

Julie said...

Emily, I'm so sorry you had to do that, but often the right thing to do is also the very difficult one. Having her well and angry certainly beats a lot of alternatives. Hugs.

Alwen said...

Merry Christmas! (Wesołych Świat!)

Amy Lane said...

here's to good days!

Galad said...

Here's to surviving the holidays and moving in to the new year.

I bet the Goob makes a great alarm clock :-)

Bells said...

laughing is good. And a child who brings laughter is even better.

You sound good. I'm glad.