Sunday, March 15, 2009

A revolting level of cute.

Early this evening, I was in my office, spinning (SOCK YARN), and things were relatively quiet. Which made me rather suspicious, since the husbeast and Goober were in the house somewhere.

Then I heard the husbeast say "There you go, get it on there, that's the way." followed by the familiar clicking noise of a socket wrench or ratcheting wrench.

It turned out to be a ratcheting wrench, and he and the Goober were out in the garage.

They were out there quite a while, turning bolts and hammering things. When it was time for dinner, the Goober was hauled inside, protesting all the way. She wanted to stay in the garage and "build". The husbeast was quite delighted by this obvious evidence of his DNA. (Though I'm not too bad at mechanics myself... I just don't think it's fun.)

He celebrated by coming inside and doing 'failure analysis' on my spinning wheel. (Engineering terms are so cheerful.) Basically, I wanted to know why it was making a clicking noise. He watched a while and told me to feed the yarn strand direction into the orifice, because the stress caused by feeding it in at an angle was causing the head to bounce up and down. I tried it, and it worked.

That's so annoying.


Galad said...

Some of my favorite memories as a child are "working" with my dad in his basement workshop. I had my own tools and he would set up a piece of wood in the vice for me to saw, hammer, put screws in etc.

Maybe that's what led to my confidence in using tools for the all the household projects I've had to do over the years. But then we already can guess the Goober will be very self reliant :-)

Anonymous said...

His smile in the second picture shows how proud he is.


Emily said...

Oh, thanks for the wonderful Husbeast/Goober pics!

Roxie said...

Lucky, lucky Goober! And lucky Husbeast to have such a great assistant!

Catie said...

very cute and very sweet

Puck said...

My dad, I think, actually got my brother and I our own little toolboxes when we were really, really small...probably just a bit older than the Goob. My brother and I would spend hours downstairs, nailing pieces of scrap wood together that my dad had kept around for us.

It was pretty awesome. Destructive and constructive at the same time :D

Barbara said...

My grandpa was a carpenter and saved wood scraps and wood curls from the plane for me to build with. I had a little hammer and sat in front of the Franklin stove making my constructions. I always had to sand them smooth, but then I got to feed cheese to Herbie the mouse who lived under the stove. Happy times. The Goob is lucky to have such a handy dad as well as a crafty mom.

spam work: shant (I'm not even going to define this one; it's my life-motto! Stubborn much?)

Amy Lane said...

Wow-- that really is so revolting it made my eyes water little... (just a little. Swear.)

Alwen said...

Excellent. Go, Goob!

I love tearing stuff down and putting it back together. Especially when it WORKS afterwards.

MLJ1954 said...

Great fun.

My husband does crap like that . . . although at times I have done the whole "Tom Sawyer" thing and he ends up peeling boatloads of potatoes or apples or something similar. LOL.