Monday, March 23, 2009

I has sleeve.

But not a whole lot else.

Finally got the whole 'knit in pattern' idea through my head, and coordinated existing knitting and what the chart said, and got things going. With luck, this poor, one-armed sweater will be done by the end of this week, but I'd settle for next week. Anything leading to a finished one-armed sweater is fine with me.

In other knitting news, I'm sad to report that the gauge swatch for the Setesdal sweaters (with Aussie five-ply on size three/3.25 mm needles) is nearly perfect and it is looking like I'm stuck knitting two (maybe three) sweaters on size three needles this year. I whined so much, the husbeast asked if maybe we should buy a whole other shipment of yarn in eight-ply. Leaving me to reply that if we did, what in HELL would I do with the massive pile of five-ply we already had? So I'm digging in.

I also got a book - from Norway - on how exactly to make a Setesdal sweater. Turns out I'm knitting these at nearly the correct gauge, in terms of what they were traditionally knit at. (Seven stitches to the inch for me, rather than eight stitches to the inch.) And - yay - how to do the embroidery around the neck. While I was planning to KNIT the color around the neck, but with the directions for the embroidery... well, I've got a good way to go before I make that decision.


Otherwise, it's been a crappy couple days around here. The Goober has begun channeling her Inner Three Year Old. Usually she's so good at listening and following directions and being reasoned with, that we kind of forget she's a little kid with tantrum tendencies. Well, no forgetting that today. Newp. (In fact, the blogging just took a bit of a break while I went to tag-team the Goober with the husbeast. One of those days when it takes two parents.) So, anyway... today has sucked. And I'll likely spend the rest of the night cataloging books (over on Facebook, with weRead), and knitting.

Sekhmet? She's using the Sunbeam Coping Method.

I'd try it myself if everyone would leave me the hell alone. I can't bite like she does, and stay out of jail.

But I'm tempted.


Amy Lane said...

The sleeve looks amazing... and we've had to tag team the Cave Troll and Ladybug all weekend. They were bored, we were tired... it brings out the 'feral' in 'family'...

Galad said...

Maybe Sekhmet could be recruited to bite on your behalf. A little catnip and she might she be your feline protector :-)

Roxie said...

Maybe you could stick the Goober down for sunbeam therapy. Duct tape is an option.

Ann said...

I'm seriously impressed by your sleeve. And in fact, by the whole sweater. I haven't tackled serious colorwork yet, and I am in awe.

Alwen said...

Boy, we've had days like that. Tag, you're It, your turn to be responsible adult.

Barbara said...

Gorgeous sweater.

I'm guessing the Goob's too smart for her 3-year-old capabilities and gets frustrated which sparks tantrums. Been there, mothered that. They do grow up. You survive. Trust me.