Friday, March 13, 2009


Got my Roulette sock in the mail today, from Susan. (Susan, if you've got a blog, I don't know it... let me know if you want advertised.) It's a lovely sock, and quite luxurious when I put it on. I fear this will lead to Sock Addiction (I, the woman who often wears her store-bought socks inside out so the toe seam doesn't rub).

Isn't it PRETTY? It is toe-up, which I have never done before in my life. But I've done something similar to the Turkish cast-on, when doing the Cat Bordhi style mobius knits. Otherwise, I feel reasonably confident, because Susan documented every darn stitch, down to telling me how she mirrors her increases and what cast-off she used. (Thanks for that.) All should go reasonably well.

There was some concern from Susan over whether or not the sock would fit. I assure you, it does. Beautifully. Which impresses the heck out of me, because I've got weird feet. They used to be super-narrow, until I moved to Hawaii and literally went barefoot for ten years. Now I've got what the kids out there jokingly refer to as 'foot spread', meaning the width of my foot increases over an inch when I put weight on it. Yet my heel, with no tarsals or toes to spread, remains super-narrow. Unlike all commercial socks, this one fits.

I scent an addiction to sock knitting, on the wind.

Oh, and the box also had Tim-Tams in it.

We've had about half a box; I'm saving the rest for when the in-laws get here tomorrow. (I hope.)


In other news, I'm on the cuff of the first sleeve of the Russian Prime.

With luck, it'll be done in a week or so and I can knit myself ANOTHER SOCK!



There were some questions in the comments of my knitting needle post...

-I haven't seen square knitting needles, but they sound like a bad idea. Those corners will push into your fingers, and I can't see how they would not pinch off nerves and blood vessels, and inflame muscles and tendons and the like. Just the idea makes my fingers hurt. Better to get a set of Brittany Birches and rough them up with a nail file, if you have trouble with the needles slipping out of the stitches.

-I used to be a pretty tight knitter, but after busting my hand, I loosened up to what I think of as normal. So I've still got no idea what in hell is up with needing to knit five-ply on size three/3.25 mm needles. The Bendigo web site says size five/3.75 mm needles. All my experience said size five/3.75 mm needles. I've triple-checked the labels on the yarn. All I can say at this point is, maybe I'm wrong, I'll knit the swatch, it'll be stiff as a board, and I can go up two needle sizes. That would be nice.

-The jumper for my father-in-law was done with eight-ply, but yes, it was knit more loosely than usual because it was an all-over cable pattern. I didn't want it so stiff he couldn't move, and I didn't want him to die of heat stroke when he wore it inside. So, yes, the size eight needles were a little on the loose side, but it was on purpose.


The Goober got a toy car today. (The husbeast got it; he loves getting her toys.) So what did she do with it?

Put one of her Little People toys on it and took it for a ride. (She also just took it to the husbeast for an oil change. How quickly they do learn.)

Shhhhh. Listen. Do you hear it? It's the Russian Prime, calling me.


amy said...

Anytime a package includes Tim Tams it's a winner, in my opinion!

I am not fond of toe-up. I tried it once, just to say I'd done it, but I am very biased against it. I think it was the heel. Which I keep typing "hell" by mistake. That should tell you something...

Sarah said...

I was just thinking, did you wash the swatch maybe it really really blooms??

Susan said...

Well that's put a smile on my face! Very happy that it's arrived safely AND that it fits AND you like it. Hopefully now I can stop dreaming about digging through the rubbish bin to try and find the posting receipt because it didn't arrive. I did warn you about the obsessive documenting of the process didn't I? Hee hee. Looking forward to seeing you make up the pair and to my sock arriving.

Mandy said...

Beautiful sock! (love mine, by the way. Haven't started the mate yet, though.) What pattern is it? 'Cuz I might want to put it on the list to knit.

Anonymous said...

I'm still working on my sock. I am a very slow knitter. Or is it that I make a lot of mistakes? LOL

The goober is so cute. When Alexa used to race, she'd take her extra large My Pretty Pony for a ride in the seat. She also strapped down one of her dragons so it could race with her. Kids are too funny.

Verification word: Sanist..they don't know me very well...


Caffeine Faerie said...

Toe-up spring forwards rock!
They're the easiest to adapt and the pattern is a dream - you'll love working toe-up. And short row heels - fabulous!

TinkingBell said...

prettiness - Goober, the socks (utterly gorgeous) and timtams! - you can't lose really

At all!

Amy Lane said...

*squeeeeeee* The Russian Prime is almost done!!!!

I've actually knit with square needles before--and they're more comfortable than you'd think. It's a little like writing with a pencil that has one of those triangle things on it to keep it from rolling off the desk. For me, what was surprising was the stitch definition--it was CHERRY!

And my roulette sock is almost done--I'm so excited!

Allison said...

Lovely sock. I hope you like doing toe up. It's my favorite though I'm still working on determining my favorite toe up heel method.

So Husbeast follows Dale Jr?

I've seen a number of people indicate they like those square needles. My fingers & hands cringe just like yours at the thought of trying to knit with them. Fortunately I prefer super slickery in all my needles.

Terby said...

You know, there's a reason those of us who knit socks knit so darn many of them. Come join the dark side.

Robin said...

Really pretty sock pattern! I haven't done toe-up, either - I keep wanting to, though. I tried knitting fingering yarn on the square needles -- the cable was too limp -- I had to push the stitches onto the needle -- not good joins between the cable and the needles.

JessZ said...

That's a lovely sock. What pattern is it?