Monday, March 09, 2009

It's been a shit kind of day.

I spent most of yesterday knitting until my fingertips went numb, and bound the damn doily off tonight. Blocking to commence tomorrow.

I am dealing with Daylight Savings Time AND starting my period on the same day, for which there should be a law. I'll be passing out soon, thank you.

THEN, I had a request from several blog readers to join, uh, some social networking page or something. I thought it was Twitter. Um. No, apparently it was FACEBOOK. So now I'm half-assedly on Facebook, too. This time as Julie Theaker (I'm on Twitter as SamuraiKnitter. Apparently Facebook doesn't give me the choice). So. I'm all hooked in and social and shit.

I'm going to go thunk my head on my desk, some, now.

And now, I see Blogger has changed how spell check looks. I hate changes.



Galad said...

I looked for you on Facebook but there are 4 Julie Theakers. Since you don't live in London I was able to exclude that one :-) Who knew it was such a popular name!

Hope tomorrow is better.

Amy Lane said...

*snarl* I'm not on my period or anything, but I thought I'd sympathize:-) (spamword: inging *snork*)

Donna Lee said...

One of the things I looked forward to about turning 50 (really the only thing) was that I thought I could give up having a period. No such luck. Halfway through 51 and I still haven't missed a month. The doctor says this is "good because hormones keep you young". I say screw the hormones, I'm ready to give it all up.

Emily said...

I'm still kinda stunned that you'd make one of your gorgeous doilies for a wedding present for somebody you barely know. Wow. If people catch on, you'll be inundated with wedding invitations. I'm glad this one is off the needles, though.

Roxie said...

Ah, Twitter and FAcebook - because you don't have enough distractions as it is, right?

Roz said...

I'm anti-twitter for professional reasons -- people in my business think it's some sort of additional form of reporting, but I'm balking...

Facebook, however, is great -- cheaper than cell phone minutes and an awesome way to keep up with my large family!

I'm with ya on the DST/period thing -- I just slept for 12 hours. Thank goodness I'm off today!

My word today -- interestingly enough: "facee!"

Mandy said...

Love Facebook, hate going on DST (I think I told my husband it was the saddest day of the year), and I got my period on Saturday too! I just keep repeating "I'm cranky, leave me alone!"