Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring. Bah, humbug.

It's spring in the South. How can I tell? Many ways. The azaleas are blooming:

The trees are having sex again (around here the going statement is 'the fucking trees are fucking again'), and we're covered in the previously-blogged-about pollen in drifts.

But mostly? I know because I've had a seasonal migraine for a damned week.

Bah. I'd rather have eternal winter than this shifting around and migraines. Bah.


While I was out snapping photos of the damned azaleas, the Goober insisted I take a photo of her, so here you are.

I think she's been studying those models in Vogue Knitting.

Her quote of the day, "Mumma, I want you to make me a super hero." I'm quite flattered that she thinks I've got the mojo to do that, but we've gotta work on that whole 'manners' thing. Some more. Again.

Remember when I was in Florida, and thought I'd lost my phone? And spotted the one I wanted to replace it? Well, we got it anyway.

It's a Katana LX from Sanyo. And yes, it's pink. The Goob figured out there was a camera in it (I swear I didn't know that until after I'd had it a couple hours), and has been insufferable ever since. Every time she sees it in my hand, it's "take a picture of ME, Mumma!"


Anyway, between the migraine pain and the massive amounts of snot in my head (I'll spare the details), I'm fairly incoherent. The goals for me at the moment are to finish the Russian Prime and Roulette Sock while doing gauge swatches for the Setesdal jerseys. Then, of course, start the jerseys.

Well, I guess breathing sometime in the next week is a goal, too.


Emily said...

Woo-woo! The Goob! Your very own glamor queen! (Whoops: I mean, glamor princess.)

Re sinuses: have you ever washed the gunk out of your nose? (Using saline.)I do this regularly (2x a day) and, boy, it helps. I spent many years breathing through my mouth until I learned this.

Mandy said...

I'll second that - my sister uses a Neti pot daily, and she feels much better for it (she has all the allergies and then some!)

I think the Goob looks as pretty as the flowers!

Actually saw something from an etiquette expert the other day who said that kids don't internalize all the manners we try to pound into them until about 8 years old, so you just have to keep at it. My son used to demand stuff by saying (for example) "I want a drinky yogurt!" and my husband and I would respond with "That's nice." Or sometimes "It's good to want things" (a favorite line from "Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael"). Then he would ask for it politely and get it. It's much like dog training, in that all behavior modification relies on rewarding the desired behavior more than punishing the bad behavior!

Alwen said...

I can't use a Neti pot, so I just use plain saline. I inherited my dad's sinuses, and when I was pregnant I got the head full of snot in the spring. The nurse-midwife practice I went to recommended the plain, no-drugs saline to my pregnant self, and when I remember it, it's a godsend.

If you can take it, guaifenesin (tussin) helps thin it out. Some of my sinus headaches will go away with guai. and 2 aspirin, good riddance!

Anyway, doh! Thanks for reminding me about pollen season. Here I was waking up stuffed, and hey look, maple trees are bloomin'.

Amy Lane said...

Breathing is optional. And if I was as beautiful as your Goober, I'd be trying my hand at posing too! (Pollen drifts. Ugh... we have similar things here...)

Anonymous said...

The Goob is growing up fast and so cute! You may need to find another name for her soon...
Judy F.