Friday, March 06, 2009

Home again home again, jiggity-jog.

From languishing on the highway, surrounded by hogs. (Harley hogs. Half the people from Bike Week seem to have bugged out this morning, when I did. I was surrounded by motorcycles the whole way up I-95 - ridden, trailered, and hauled in the backs of trucks. Unreal.)

I've (obviously) got my computer up and running and am ensconced in my wing back chair, feet up on the foot stool (carefully avoiding the pile of books and magazines that are also on it), fighting with Sekhmet for ownership of the right hand-rest on my laptop (she likes to rest her head there when she lays on my lap).

It's good to be home.


Plug for a good restaurant, before I forget: The International House of Pancakes off exit 36A, I-95, Georgia. Fastest turn-around time on an order, ever. The cooks were singing in the kitchen. Everyone was pleasant. I got a free Pepsi after I stupidly poured coffee into my iced tea. (Long story.)


Otherwise, the trip was too long, I got bad gas mileage, no one could drive.. oh. The driving. A few thoughts on that, bullet-posted for (hopefully) comedic timing:

-If I am going 10 mph over the speed limit, and there is ample room to pass me, quit tailgating me, ass breath.

-If I am going the speed of the car in front of me, and there is NOT room to pass me, quit tailgating me, ass breath. I can't go any faster.

-Drivers in Jacksonville, Florida: What in FUCK is it with the four or five lane changes at 80 mph? Swooping from the far left across three lanes to an off ramp? Crack? Stupidity? Your momma doesn't love you enough? Death wish? (And before you blame it on tourists, I was watching: Florida plates one and all.)

-Since I'm bitching about regions of people who apparently can't drive, Quebec. What is UP?? Passing on the RIGHT? Speed up to pass, slow down to a crawl?? HUH?

-Anyone wanting to tailgate a Jeep at 80 mph, go read up on Death Wobble. And get the hell off my back bumper, ass breath.


...I think I spent too much time in the car today. No. No, I'm sure of it.

And I'm reading the art history books I got at the museum the other day, so you all have the threat of the inevitable blog posts over THAT hanging over your heads, too. (You call this unbiased toward Western civilization?? What, are you EUROPEAN??? And the Book of Kells... what. There's no other insular Celtic manuscript in the entire fucking world to take pictures of? I gotta keep seeing the same damn carpet page?)


There are photos of the Bendigo order. I will post them as soon as I'm sure I will not put the computer through a window, should Google botch the photo load.


Amy Lane said...

Uh-oh... (looks to where Mate is playing WoW) Nope--no ass breath here!

Seriously--people can't frickin' drive... pisses me off! But I'm glad you're home and happy and well... and I look forward to the book review!

(spamword: traftmen )

Anonymous said...

I laughed at your comment about Quebec drivers. They're infamous around here, too (Ontario - right next door), but I didn't know their notoriety had spread so far south!


Regenia said...

Small towners going through Jacksonville, Florida are terrified to try crap like that across the interstate. In fact I'm scared enough of getting in the randomly ending lanes that I get in the one second from the left entering Jacksonville and stay in that one until I'm through the madness- its the only one that doesn't ever disappear!

Alwen said...

I had to laugh - the last time we were in Hamilton, Ontario, we happened to hear a radio article claiming Ontario drivers were the worst in the world, just as two vans in the left and right lanes ahead of us simultaneously tried to merge into each other in the center lane!

Here is a glorious online place for you:
Catalogue of Digitized Medieval Manuscripts

Have fun! Come up for air.

Verification is "oboreal", which is an oboe player who lives in the trees.

David said...

I always felt bad that the people of Alabama couldn't afford turn signals on their vehicles...