Thursday, March 12, 2009


My mother-in-law called today, to let me know there was a change of plan and they would be STAYING OVER SATURDAY NIGHT. Not just swinging through for a visit. THIS MEANS I HAVE TO FIND THE FLOOR OF THE OFFICE. [Heavy breathing here.] I knew this was a possibility, but I HAVE TO FIND THE FLOOR OF THE OFFICE.

And another thing.

I remember why I dislike knitted-on sleeves. (The ones where you pick up and knit down to the wrist.) But I'm finishing something!


Alwen said...

Me, I just need to find the floor of the living room!

It was there a couple of days ago, then I got home from work just now & it was gone, gone I tell you.

Mandy said...

I don't think I've seen the floor in my son's room since Christmas!

Roxie said...

It's easy to find the floor. Just turn the house on its side and give it a good shake.

Even when I DO find the floor, though, I have to corral the dust bunnies, geld and brand the calves, and turn them all out into the feedlot in the backyard. It's so much easier to just rent a motel room for visitors.

Galad said...

I'm with Roxie on the motel.

Good luck finding the floor. I'm sure it is there somewhere.

Amy Lane said...

And has anyone seen my kitchen table?

I feel for you... but the way you knit, this sweater will be done before you can say "Why did I wait so long?"