Saturday, March 07, 2009


When I got home yesterday, I had mail waiting. First, there was a little package from Cheryl over at A Simple Yarn. No idea what I did to rate such bounty, but it was a lovely surprise to find, after dragging into the house from six hours on the road with a three year old.

Isn't the yarn pretty? And the trivet is REALLY cool, and I'm sure will get lots of use here. Clever idea. I may need to make some.

Thanks, Cheryl!

Then, of course, there was the Bendigo order. I'm planning to knit adaptations of Setesdal jerseys, like this:

(Image from Dale of Norway.) Except I want to knit on the colored bits, not use ribbon. So I bought a whole lot of black and natural cream, and some accent colors. (Really. There is a method to the madness.) More floral for my mother-in-law, less for my father-in-law (though I'm gonna work some pink yarn and silver ribbon into the neck. I swear). With that in mind, my order looked like this:

For those of you who've never ordered from or seen Bendigo's wool balls, they're this size:

Each ball contains about 635 yards/580 meters of yarn. So, um, I think I have enough. Probably. You know. Unless I knit them some pup tents.

If I can stand the sizing process I'll make the patterns available, for sale. I'm going to price them fairly low, because I'll be writing them in the same style Dale of Norway uses for these types of sweaters, which is to say, I assume you know what you're doing and just provide the needed details - charts, cast-on figures, etc.

And now I think I might go read and knit some lace. With my extra cerebral lobe. Bwahahahahaha. (Thanks for that one, Roxie. Still laughing.)


Amy Lane said...

sweet! Just the sort of rewards an extra cerebral lobe deserves!

Bells said...

a bendigo order is really so exciting. I don't know anyone who makes such great big balls or skeins of such good yarn. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

Donna Lee said...

They are amazing! It's like wonderland. The potential in a ball of yarn that size is exciting. I would so put the pink yarn and silver ribbon on your fil's sweater. Barbie pink.

Roxie said...

Heck, I would make the big sweater all manly and the smaller sweater all feminine and pink, and then cross-lable the packages so he gets the smaller sweater. And I would tie the package with silver ribbons just for him. That way, he'll still have a sweater he will actually wear but he'll have to get his wife to trade with him for it. I'm lazy that way.

Really, that additional brain segment would account for headaches because I'm sure it's been crammed into a standard-sized skull and just doesn't have the room to expand to its full capacity. In fact, a tri-lobal brain accounts for a LOT of your extraordinary prowess. Wonder if the Goob has inherited it?