Monday, March 02, 2009

I'm an idiot.

Oh, yes. Yes I am.

Yesterday, while hauling the Goober around (literally), my phone disappeared. After an intensive search, including calling the phone and listening for it, we concluded it was MIA and I called Sprint/Nextel and had the phone turned off.

This afternoon, my father-in-law and I got into my Jeep to go to the Sprint store to get a new phone (I really don't want to drive five hours with a kid, and have no communications), and as I twisted around to get my seat belt, a flash of blue-silver caught my eye, and with much craning and twisting, what do I pull out from under the back seat?

My cell phone.

So off we went to the Sprint store anyway, to get the phone turned back on. Not only did I waste a half hour of my own time, on phone calls and waiting around at the store, I wasted the time of two nice women who work for Sprint who got stuck dealing with an idiot.



Anonymous said...

I hate weh I lose my phone.

I don't have a land line anymore so st first I'd e-mail my friends to call it so I could find it.

Then I made it so when I get a text message it makes a noise evey 5 minutes until I read the message. Now I can alwasy find my phone ;-)


Amy Lane said...

Dude-- I've been there. I've lost shit and found shit and had shit turned off... you're much less of an idiot... but you're a lot more responsible-- I wouldn't have turned my phone off at all!

amy said...

I've lost my wallet in my jacket pocket before. And this was way before I had kids, so I didn't even have the excuse of them bleeding my brain dry. And once I was thisclose to cancelling all my cards before I found the wallet on the floor of the car (I did have kids that time). I lose that thing way too often.

But you know, as long as we're not losing the kids, we're doing just fine. :-)

KnitTech said...

I'm happy you found it *before* you purchaced a new phone. Then you would have been really rabid.

Galad said...

I had a close call like that with my car keys recently. Finally found them outside in the garbage.

Glad you found the phone before you bought a new one. That's a lot of good yarn money!

NeedleTart said...

I once lost my phone by putting it in my jacket pocket during a business meeting. We searched the Temple three times before I put on my jacket and something hit me in the side.
And the children are all grown, apparently the brain cells remain dead.

Emily said...

Ha. Try losing a $1000 hearing aid sometime. They fall out of my ears sometimes, alas....small wonder, given all the stuff hanging on my ears: glasses, oxygen cannula, and those things. I found one (well after the fact) between the seats in my car. Sigh. Well, now I have a back-up for that ear, I suppose. My cell phone has my name on it, which helps. Small town here.

Linda said...

Been there, done that. I would think that they are used to that kind of thing at cell phone stores. At least it was an easy and inexpensive fix.

Alwen said...

Our explanation for that is that the black hole/dimensional warp that sucks things up drops them in random places if it puts them back.

How else do those things show up:

-in plain sight on the seat of a sofa that is a contrasting color;

-in a place where you just picked up and sorted through every single thing and did not find it;

-in a place where you are angrily telling your spouse not to bother looking, you just looked there!

And then you look over and they are holding the thing.

The black hole has a truly evil sense of humor.

Mandy said...

I lost my driver's license one time, and my boss sent me to the Sec. of State that very morning to get it replaced so I didn't drive home without one. Well, after waiting in the cold and wind for the office to open, the picture was atrocious, so when I found the old one between the seats of my car, I continued to use it ('cuz it had a GREAT pic) until it expired. Of course, the new one they sent me has the blurry, ugly pic on it, so I have to use it now anyway (unless I want to lose it again and get another one taken!)

Mandy said...

Yeah, Alwen, my husband always finds stuff in my purse that I've already looked there for at least 3 times! Sometimes I think he hides the missing item, then slips it into my purse just before he looks for it, just to drive me crazy!