Saturday, July 11, 2009


The pound of wool has been spun up, to a little less than 1200 yards of woolly goodness.

That's actually not the ENTIRE pound; there's one skein left waiting to be washed. But it's plied and wound on the niddy-noddy, so the spinning is done. (Roxie, sorry I didn't get a photo of the spun yarn back inside the container that held that huge wad of wool at the start of this adventure; the container is in Ohio, full of more wool, carbon fiber, and llama. But it takes up roughly one fifth the volume the roving did.)

So what did I learn? I can't get enough yardage out of a pound of wool to make a sweater. At least not at three-ply sock weight. I'm thinking two-ply lace weight might do it. So that's the plan for the Bells Fiber. After I practice another year or ten at spinning lace weight singles until they're perfectly smooth. I also learned I can spin a pound of wool in about a month, which blows me away.

I celebrated by immediately starting something else.

This will be the Spice Cake lace weight. The other ply is going to be a spicy-colored tweed. I'm going to see how much yardage I can get out of HALF a pound, this time. It'll be interesting to see how much time it takes.

ETA: Yes, this new spinning project will, eventually, be up for sale on the Etsy shop. It's more merino.


Anonymous said...

Oooh, the Spice Cake looks quite nice. Will that one go up for sale, eventually? It sounds like it would make a lovely wrap or shawl.

Glad you're out of the Purple Trainwreck black hole. Good luck on your spinning and the rest of your move!

Yarnspider said...

Really pretty. The Spice Sake looks fun too.

Bells said...

oh go you good thing. Wow. YOu're doing some amazing stuff!

Alwen said...

That is some beautiful-looking yarn.

(Now to see if I have enough bandwidth to post a comment. grrr.)

Roxie said...

I am totally smitten with the trainwreck! Wowser! A pound a month with moving and migraines and meds, oh my! You are some awesome, lady!

Louiz said...

Wow. That's all I can say - on the trainwreck, the new stuff, the speed, all of it. Just wow

Emily said...

With all you have to deal with, I'm always relieved to see you posted! Gorgeous stuff. Boy, you are something else!

Amy Lane said...

OMG! The purple trainwreck looks AWESOME!