Saturday, July 18, 2009

Topic jumble.

With a faint possibility of cyanogenic glycosides later. (Turns out sweet almonds do not contain amygdalin, just bitter almonds. Huh.)

Anyway. Yesterday, went to the doctor, got a spinal shot sort of thing of cortisone. It's not supposed to kick in for 24 to 72 hours, but I had a nice twelve hours from the OTHER medications they gave me to numb the area and keep me calm. From what I remember of the one other time I took steroids, we'll know when it kicks in because I'll start baking four-layer cakes and eating them. Won't that be fun?


Am still spinning on the "Spice Cake" that may wind up getting named "Amber". I had a pair of amber earrings on my desk, made of alternating chips of yellow and brown amber, and I realized the colors were nearly identical to the two plies of the laceweight I'm spinning right now. I love real-life inspiration. Live on it, really. So the new laceweight is looking like amber to me.

The knitting is coming along. Cameo is looking like a sweater, and the fit seems perfect. Which worries me (when was the last time I knit something perfect?) but I'll keep on keeping on, and we'll see. It also looks like I'll have JUST enough yarn.


The Goober is still taking photos.

She would rip through a twelve pack of batteries a day if we let her.


We're edging out of denial and avoidance on the move and starting to box things up. More, we're making lists of what is getting taken to the dump or sold or given away. We definitely have too much stuff.

But for now, I think I'm gonna go back to spinning.


Emily said...

Ah, steroids & food. Not to mention energy. I remember one woman in my COPD online group commenting that steroids raised her from feeling near death to scouring every inch of her house in record time. That happened to me in the hospital once: near death to chipper, jolly hostess, startling the hell out of visitors, & scaring the nurses.

And everyone has trouble with weight gain on steroids. But you're not getting it orally, which confuses me. You get all these effects from an injection? I had an injection in my shoulder joint recently for rotator cuff tendon impingement, and I don't remember anything but blessed relief.

Sarah said...

You need rechargeables woman! Daughter has a kid camera and we have one set in one set charging, works great! And way less waist.

And we enjoy hearing about the lack of pain (fingers crossed) and the backing be minimal but tasty!

(I totally need to use the ! less, sorry)

Anonymous said...

The picture of the ceiling fan is amazingly clear. I like the black and white look.

I love steroid shots. You feel so much better so quickly, I get them for bad allergies. The only probel I have with them is when they wear off and I start feeling like crap again.

Its nice to hear you are pain free, at least for a little while.


amy said...

We have too much too. I am at a loss of what to do with the old toys & kids stuff. Places won't take them as donations because of new law on safety standards. Unless something used can be absolutely certified lead free they don't want to take it, but new things with tags are fine. What a waste.

Roxie said...

Spinal cortizone? They ARE treating you seriously. Just get these medics trained up and then you have to leave. Bummer!

Love the self-portrait of the Goober.

I'll sacrifice a Lindor ball to the goddess of mercy for your move.

walterknitty said...

I like the second picture. The one with your daughter looking up toward the ceiling. Muted colours, something about the photo strikes me. Cant explain it. Cute kid. Hope everything goes okay Monday.

Amy Lane said...

Spinning, that twines the raveled fiber stare... wait, no... steroids that spin the tattered nerve-ends bare... wait, no... Knitting that soothes the steroid spin of bear...



Well... you did say topic jumble!

David said...

dibs on the cat...