Friday, July 24, 2009

From the center of chaos.

PSD finally - sort of - got their heads out of their collective ass and got the move straightened out. Half. We still haven't gotten our moving allowance; so far we're paying for all of this out of pocket. We were told Tuesday afternoon that the movers would arrive Thursday morning at nine AM.

They did.

The crew has been great. They were a little put out when they got here because things were, well, chaotic as all hell, but we've straightened things out and they were a little horrified when they found out about the less than 48 hours' notice. So they're packing us up again today, and come back Monday for the major bits like the fridge and the bed.

We get to spend a weekend in a house with two laptops, a bed, a refrigerator, and a spinning wheel. Nothing but good times ahead.

Yesterday the Goober found this whole thing fascinating, and 'played packing'. She got a few pieces of packing paper from the movers and spent the afternoon rolling up her toys in it. Today she's had it to the eyebrows, wants it over, and is racing around the house like a bee in a bottle.

And Sekhmet. That evil fucker. You know where my badass cat is? The one who foiled a burglary, who beats up dogs, who bites the hand that feeds her?

Hiding in the bathtub.


amy said...

Yay! I'm glad you got a good crew! What company are they from?

Barbara said...

Hooray for tolerant movers! As long as you have 2 laptops you'll be fine.

I love the image of the Goob playing packing and even more the thought of her racing around the house, although my great-grandpa would have said she's "running around like a f**t in a dipper." He was quite the guy, that Charlie Gerst.

Roz said...

Sekhmet.... bwahahhahahahahahaha!

My word: skestme. Somehow it's appropriate.

Alwen said...

I'd be right there with Sekhmet if she'd let me in. I hate moving. I'd much rather inflict change than be subjected to it.

Shoveling Ferret said...

She's not hiding, she's laying in wait... :P

Galad said...

A good crew is one small blessing in this whole fiasco. Survive the weekend and you are on your way never to look back :-)

Amy Lane said...

I feel bad for Sekhmet--but you know, the Goober likes to help. That's good!

Roxie said...

Wow, the house will echo! I can see the Goober like a bee in a bottle. And I'm with Sehkmet. She doesn't want to go into storage by accident.

Louiz said...

glad it's mostly sorted. My usual description of my daughter when she's behaving like that is "up and down like a demented yo-yo". Hope you all survive the weekend.