Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A sort of meme thingie.

I found myself taking photos of my main knitting bag last night, for insurance purposes. (You'll understand when you look at the photos.) For the move, I decided to consolidate all my knitting equipment in one spot, so I started putting it all in the bag my sister-in-law gave me last year for Christmas. Eventually I had to overflow into a box for the double-points (only the smaller double-points are in this bag). Otherwise, everything fit.

Keep in mind when you look at these pictures, I've been knitting for twenty years. I didn't accumulate this stuff overnight. I couldn't have afforded it.

Check out the flying trilobite pin. Definitely my favorite part.

The blue binder in the center contains my circulars:

In one of the small tabbed pockets can be found these:

A folding multi-tool, Japanese thread snips, and a Spyderco folding knife. I fear this little handful of stuff may say as much about my personality as anything else I've ever put together.

I started to figure the replacement value of this bag, but my head started spinning and I got dizzy, so I quit and took these photos instead.

So, the meme? Take a photo of your knitting bag and post it!


When I went to download these photos, I found about forty more photos on the camera than I had expected.

I can't possibly imagine how that happened.


amy said...

Hmm, that would mean I'd have to pull it all together, though, right? I've assembled kind of a lot of stuff in only 7 years of knitting...

caryn said...

I agree, Amy. I couldn't possibly pull it all together. I think it occupies major parts of two rooms. And some of it has UFO's from too long ago to contemplate.

Anonymous said...

Just imagine if you tried to put all your books and patterns into the picture.
Moving sucks - just the thought makes me twitchy.

Barbara said...

Ohhhh, I'm going to have to wait until Durwood leaves the house to take that picture. Let's just say that I only allow a few items out of the basement at a time. You're talking tools--needles and stuff, right, not stash? Even I don't want to look at all my stash in one picture. Not that it would fit.

Thanks for more Goob pix! It's art.

Emily said...

Ooooh, the Goober rides again!

Waiting for the next installment of the moving catastrophe.

Alwen said...

Um, when I saw the photo on your hand of the cutting tools, my flash thought was "How the heck did she get into my studio?"

Yes, I have a Leatherman, not one but two sets of snips (one Chinese and another with surgical steel blades, I'm thinking Paki steel but they might be Indian), and not a Spiderco knife but an Opinel.

Should we be starting a sharp-object meme? heh.

I don't have a bag, I have my own freakin' ROOM, baby!

Amy Lane said...

Oh God-- what amy said-- I'd have to put it all together and that just wouldn't work! I don't want to think about approximate value. After 12 years, it makes me dizzy.

Anonymous said...

That animal is in a lot of the Goob's pictures. She must really love it, but I can't figure out what it is.


Anonymous said...

I love Girl Genius! (the comic your flying trilobite comes from) And I think I'm happier not knowing how much replacing my knitting stuff would cost.

Take care, and good luck packing.

Donna Lee said...

I have a sewing box that holds the tools. I've only been knitting for a few years so my collection is not nearly as impressive. I'm still collecting as I go along.

Galad said...

A truly impressive collection of tools. I think I have tool envy :-)

Barbara said...

Instead of picturing all my knitting tools, I unpacked my main knitting bag very slowly and took pictures. Anyone interested can go look. (click on my name)

Ellen said...

Baby pictures in the most literal sense! I have some of those regularly on my camera but they are my 15 yr old daughter taking emo pictures for her facebook profile. She thought yours were great!