Monday, July 06, 2009

The light at the end of the tunnel!

And it isn't oncoming traffic.

I am fucking thrilled to report that this is all that's left of the Purple Trainwreck:

About one bobbin's worth. I'm hoping to have it knocked out by the end of the week and then start on something not purple. (Two-ply lace weight I've tentatively named "Spice Cake", but we have to see what it looks like plied. It might be "Chai Tea" or possibly "Cinnamon Toast".) After that, I'm not sure what I'm spinning. Perhaps I will crawl off into a corner and knit two traditional Norwegian sweaters, considering I've got them 'due' at Christmas and I meant to have one knit by now.


In other news, I was the victim of a bad haircut at the end of last week. I had it colored at the same time (like the color), so I had to wait a while to let the color 'set' before I washed it and saw what the damage really was. It's bad. "A little shorter" somehow translated into the hairdresser going Edward Scissorhands on me and lopping off five-inch lengths of the top layer of my hair. Now I don't know about you, but 'a little shorter' doesn't equal five inches in my universe. I've been bitching about this for days over on Twitter, and there were demands for photos, so, well, here you go.

The only one who will fully appreciate the horror is Terby, who has seen me fairly regularly in real life and knows I usually wear it shoulder length and fairly sleek. NOT in the Billy Idol meets Rod Stewart chrysanthemum cut circa 1986. I've got too many cowlicks to be wearing it this short. One nap and it stands on end.

I'd cut it into a mohawk, but it'd just take that much longer to grow out.

And I'm not sure what another color, say pink, on top of the recent color job would do. But the cut is probably eighties enough.


Bells said...

oh boy. 5 inches is a whole lot!!! Wow. Don't go there again! Not that I'm saying it looks really bad - but clearly that hairdresser needs to be avoided if she thinks that was a little bit!

Amy Lane said...

Don't shoot me, but I don't think it looks that bad. But then, I've been wearing a gawdawful mom-fro for four months--what I don't know about good haircuts could fill several books. (I'm so glad you're at the end of purple trainwreck--I'd be going apeshit by now.)

Leonie said...

Pony tail???

PICAdrienne said...

It is now readily apparent where the Goob gets her look of mischief.

Susan said...

Don't get me started on scissor happy hairdressers! I refuse to go any more. I will be an even older little old lady with a braid wrapped around my head like "Heidi"
They never listen. Rant finished.
Mine is finally growing out. I will get my daughter to trim it if needs be. I sometimes think these Muslim woman have the right idea.I have seen some pretty spiffy "hadjibs" in London.

Emily said...

Well, don't shoot me either; I don't think it looks that bad either. (Shows your face off nicely!) But someone who does what you DON'T want is clearly not the hairdresser for you. (Do I spy the Goob's sweet features in your grin?)

Anonymous said...

Don't shoot me but I like it too. I think it frames your face very nicely.

But then again I don't know how much time you spent getting it to look so nice.


MLJ1954 said...

Ah, Julie, it doesn't look bad. And, as I like to tell my daughter, who ALWAYS bursts into tears after EVER haircut, "its only hair and will grow back."

Of course, I am still a bit peeved at the person that cut my hair the last time. I told her that it had to be long enough for a ponytail (I swim). HA! Three months later and I am just now being able to "tail" it.

Donna Lee said...

It looks a little fluffy but not bad. Just different. And, yes, you and the Goober could never deny each other.

Roxie said...

So, did you pay the cutter? did you complain? I think it looks nice, too, but then, I need a "before" photo for real comparison.

Yep, the goober did not fall far from the vine. If you can see the cute in her, then you can learn to love the new haircut. And it will grow.

Alwen said...

Gee, I gave myself a hair cut that looked sort of like that once.

(I was about 8 at the time.)

walterknitty said...

We actually get to see your face! Along with most everyone else, I dont think it looks that bad. It could be a lot worse. 5 inches is not a little bit, but, hair does grow. It's hard to find someone who knows how to cut thick wavy hair.

Mandy said...

I also like it - love the color, btw. Please don't go pink - it will only draw attention to the cut! My problem is always that, when the hairdresser is finished with it, I have to do way more with it to make it look good than I want to. I have to actually STYLE it, and she always uses a curling iron (which I don't even own) and crap like that. So I totally get it. But, as I said, it does look good if you are willing to work with it! :-}

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