Thursday, July 16, 2009

Profanity-ridden post the first.

...remember, some of you ASKED me to blog the move. The rest of you may wanna skip this one.

The husbeast went by PSD (Personnel Support Detachment, or Pinheaded Shitforbrains Dickheads, depending on your viewpoint) this morning to check on the status of our move.

We don't have one.

Some motherfucking shithead moron asshole lost our paperwork - or more likely, never filed it in the first place - and so we have NOTHING. No schedule, no movers coming, no trucks, no packers. For contrast, on the last two moves (to and from Hawaii), we had pack-out dates scheduled months ahead. In the case of our move TO Hawaii, it was my first 'international' move (Hawaii is considered overseas due to distance, even though it's obviously still part of the US) and I was paranoid and had our pack-out date scheduled SIX MONTHS IN ADVANCE. This time? WE ARE A WEEK AWAY AND THANKS TO FUCKHEAD THE WONDER MONKEY IN PSD WE STILL HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IN THE BLUE HOLY HELL IS GOING ON.

We have a pretty cool landlord who would let us stay through August, if it comes down to it. But if we do that, we'll have to pay out over a thousand dollars in another month's rent, not to mention utilities and all that. WHICH I WILL THEN TAKE OUT OF THE HIDE OF WHOEVER AT PSD IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS GOAT FUCKING RODEO.

PSD claims they will have this straightened out by Monday. Considering that as of last week they had me living in Honolulu (we had to fix that so they'd pay to move me and my stuff from South Carolina to Ohio), considering this is already the second time we've filed our move paperwork and the second time it's been lost, I have very little faith.

The husbeast goes back Monday to deal with this. He plans to be "Mr. Not Nice Guy" as he puts it. I told him if that doesn't work, tell them he's sending in his wife.

Someone get me a slice of cake and a martini.


Barbara said...

Ah, the snafu that is life. Don't be thinking that people on the "outside" are any more together or reliable, because they're not.

You realize that on Monday both sets of lost paperwork will be there and you will have a move date just when it's supposed to be. The person behind the desk/counter will look at the Husbeast as if he's nuts. At least that's my prediction.

Thanks for the stevia post. Durwood loved it and has a renewed respect for his tiny plant.

Verification word: "haiac" the sound you make before slamming the doofus behind the counter who told you your move's not on the schedule

walterknitty said...

For Christ sake. What a pain in the ass. Moving is stressful enough without having to deal with this kind of crap.

Alwen said...

Gah. DH had to call the IG office to get paid for his last two-week school. hates on the belly-crawling messed-up-ness that is the military for you

Verification: makersea - "Make it so" wiv a really strong but unidentifiable accent.

amy said...

On the practical side... do they always assign everyone who moves out to the same local mover? Or do they have a rotation? Because if it were me, I would start calling whoever MIGHT get my move and explain to them that the military fucked up (I'm sure they won't be surprised), that you know they can't do anything without the paperwork, but you were supposed to move and please be aware the call is coming and start figuring it out BEFORE they get the official notification. Because you and I both know that a short-order move in the middle of summer is like asking for ice in hell. And I don't know if the military cares enough to pull some weight with the movers... I might try to do that myself. And it probably won't make much difference, but it might be worth a try.

Anonymous said...

There must be something in the stars, because we're having an immensely stressful time with our move, too (due to a realtor a**, not a military a**.)

THIS TOO SHALL PASS, you will be somewhere someday with all your family and most of your stuff, and you will have a beer and laugh.

Bunny Queen said...

I will cross my fingers and rub all the bunnies' feet for luck for you. My experience with Army movers has not been the best. One of our earliest moves had them shipping our vehicle from Okinawa to San Francisco, which had apparently temporarily moved to Hong Kong since that is where the van actually went.

The next move had the packers who very carefully removed the tape that said "do not pack this closet", packed the contents of the closet, and then very carefully replaced the tape. My mom was not very happy to learn that all of my winter wear had been shipped from California to Germany when we were going to be spending 6 wintery weeks in Michigan first.

Moving sucks. Moving with the military involved sucks worse.

Emily said...

"Moving sucks. Moving with the military involved sucks worse."

Hell, yeah.

Louiz said...

Oh crud! I'll keep my fingers crossed for Monday and the husbeast sorting it out for good and proper.

Anonymous said...

"The next move had the packers who very carefully removed the tape that said "do not pack this closet", packed the contents of the closet, and then very carefully replaced the tape."

The same happened to us out to Hawaii. WTF am I to do with a closet of winter crap in Hawaii?

Anonymous said...

^^^ That was me, Ooops.

Roxie said...

Or you could take the Goober in, prime her to throw a world class hissy fit while you are talking to the nice idiots, and tell them that in spite of wailing, screaming child, you are not leaving the office until they get this straightened out.

Anonymous said...

Or if you don't want the goob wired up, just take her with her new camera. I bet that would freak them out more having her take random shots of the meeting.



ang said...

I so don't miss Navy moves....but hey I have some choclate rum cake with rasberry sauce n an apple martini if you can yourself to my home....

Amy Lane said...

I predict blood, gore, and death. Because sometimes bureaucracy just fucks with us, that's why. Give 'em hell, Julie!

Anonymous said...

I hope to all the gods in the universe that the threat of sending in the wife (with a caveat that she's will not be so forgiving) works.

That is absolutely pathetic on the part of the the PSD. I'm moving next week interstate Australia and planning all that myself - and that's stressful enough. I don't think the people on the other side of the counter would have much chance of survival if that were me now.

Hope you got the martini and cake quicksmart.

Good luck!

MLJ1954 said...

Okay, ummm, I move people. It is my job. Really. Full-time and everything.

I, however, do not do it for the military. But, from my exposure to those in industry who do military moves and like those of us in the corporate world that do moves, in most instances, they utilize more than one moving company. I have four companies for U.S. moves and two for non-U.S. moves.

When things get f#C%ed (and I have had moving companies call me a week before a move to tell me that they can't do it . . . for which, by the way, they pay dearly), I go to the next on the list and then, if necessary, the next one. The advantage I have over the military, however, is that I refuse to discount the crap out of my moves.

What I am trying to say here is that once they assign you a mover, contact them immediately (from the PSD office). If they cannot book your move right then, ask the PSD for the next mover on the list.

It is a busy time for movers, on the other hand, the industry sucks big time right now. Many corporations are cutting back on relocations and the moving companies are desperate for moves. The only consistent organization(s) that are still regularly moving people are the military and my company (LOL).

By the way, when you take Goober, bring the camera AND the biggest back of cheese curls you can find. I find that the idea of a child with cheese curls and furniture (even military furniture) make most adults cringe.

Good luck.

Bob & Phyllis said...

I agree with Barbara. Unfortunately, the PSD carp is not specific to the military. I moved myself 3 times in 10 years; even though *I* booked everything and dogged people out, they still found a way to f$%k it up.

Sending good karma....

Anonymous said...

Damn, Julie. Just damn. I can't even imagine. When you twittered that, I kinda chuckled nervously and went "No way... there's no way that could happen."

O ye of little faith. *Gibbs-smacks self*

Let the husbeast bitch them out. If that fails, I vote for all the Goober methods listed. Yes, at the same time. With a sugar rush, if you can manage it.

Something similar went down last summer when I worked at WPAFB... I went in to get my DOD pass after two weeks (as I was instructed) and was sweetly informed that I was not in their computer system. At all. Then the secretaries at the front desk told my boss I had been rude to them, when it was really another girl in our branch. My boss went on Friday afternoon to "have a discussion with certain people". Monday morning I came to work and was suddenly in the system. (Ask me for the full version of the story sometime, you'll get a kick out of it.) Such is the way of the military.

Look at it this way: after the move, you don't have to deal with them again!

Sending good thoughts and prayers your way~

Donna Lee said...

I recommend you leave the meds at home so you can work up a good rage and accompany Mr Not Nice Guy to the office. And the cheetos for the goober would be a nice touch.

And that alibi you offered me? It's here in spades if you need one.

Cindy said...

As a non-military government employee I actually have high hopes, based on personnel experience, they will get everything worked out in time. I have been impressed, more then once, with how fast the government can get something done when fixing a FUBAR. Good Luck.