Friday, January 01, 2010


I've never gone for the "New Year's Resolution" sort of thing, but a few goals are always in order. Regardless what day of the year it is. So, for the coming year, some stuff I'd like to accomplish:

-Getting back to school would be awesome. The Goober starts kindergarten in the fall, so it's not totally out of the realm of reality, at least to get back part time. So. Possible.

That's the ticket, goals I might achieve. I'm the queen of unreachable goals, but this time around I'd like to shoot for reality.

-Enjoy the knitting more, stress myself out less. Which means, ha, setting fewer goals. A goal of setting fewer goals. I crack myself up.

-Survive the house-buying and last move, with, well, if not grace, than at least without going totally bonkers. Or trashing my back again.

-Either get the new pain specialist straightened out (big issue: he needs to listen to me rather than diagnose me with things I've never had symptoms of). If I can't get him straightened out, then fire him and find someone who DOES listen. This one should be relatively easy, just stressful. Y'all may have noticed medical types tend to make me crazy. Okay. Crazier.

Over the last week, I've had a bad case of start-itis, with quite a few projects about half done, laying around. (Like that never happens.) Over on Twitter, Bells and Terby have been egging me on for the last couple days, after I mentioned having the urge to knit a doily. Terby dared me to do it on triple zeros. I've only got quad zeros with me. So. Well. I'm gonna go look at my Niebling patterns.


For now, we're watching cartoons in our warm (if small) apartment, well-fed and relatively healthy and in good spirit. There are husbeast and Goober cuddles happening, the cat is snoring in her blankie, and I got half the laundry done today.

It could be a hell of a lot worse.


Emily said...

Good luck with the doctor issue. It's hard to find one who listens!

You might try writing things out for him, with bullet points. Doctors generally seem more comfortable with written stuff.

A friend of mine once commented that doctors are trained on true/false tests, not essay questions. That would explain a lot!

Kindergarten will help.

Bells said...

i started to make some goals but it stressed me out a bit too!

God the Goob is starting kindy. I can't believe it really. She was six months old when I started reading your blog!!!

Donna Lee said...

I'm not much for the resolutions either. Too much stress. I have "suggestions" for myself. I like to think of them as 'gentle goals'. Ha.

Happy New Year to you and the Husbeast (and his hat!) and the too-quickly-growing-up Goober.

Amy Lane said...

I think my goal is to make some goals... not healthy, really. But I'm with you... I'm tired of stressing myself out.

Roxie said...

I wish I could go to kindy, with scheduled play and lots of crafts and mandatory naps after healthy snacks. I could grow to like it quite a lot.

If you can't find a class to take,maybe you could teach one.

Good luck whipping that doctor into shape. The idea of giving him written information (with bullet points!) is inspired!

Roz said...

Happy New Year! I'm trying to finish all the stuff I started in 2009, 2008, 2007 (!) -- except now it's cold enough to actually need all those items!

Go back to school. It'll be fun!

Terby said...

One word - doily.

I'm not that fond of setting resolutions or goals for the new year. My plan is usually survival, reduction of stress. That being said, some goals might get posted if I get around to blogging.

Galad said...

I always like the start of the year. Even if I don't make resolutions, I see it as a time to dream about what is possible.

A new physician would seem to be in order. You deserve someone who listens.

Seems like a good year for you and the Goob to start school :-)

Nicole said...

New Years resolutions usually find themselves resoluting down the toilet eventually. Goals are much better because they can be made at any time! :)

Happy New Year to all of you over at House O' Samurai. I hope it's extra good for you.

Barbara said...

I've gotten to the point where I make short-term resolutions, i.e. "work out every day for a month" or the ever-popular "eat right today" which I can do. I can't "eat right all day every day for a whole year" that way lies madness and failure.

Get a new doc. This one's already made up his mind.

Leonie said...

Happy New year to all of the Samurai's hoping that kinder goes well, your resolutions make themselves done and the pain gets under control.

I've gone the easy option with aims for the year too. My only aim for the coming year is to drink more water. Pretty hard to stuff that up!

Good luck with getting the doctor sorted that is one fight I'm glad I don't have to take on. Unfortunately I don't have any more advice than that already given except of course refusing to leave his office until he actually listened to your symptoms and stops guessing (he sounds an awful lot like my six year old!). I suppose it depends upon how frustrated you get!

PS verification word=amition. Not sure if it's implying ambition for your goals or ammunition for your doctor :-)

bhuidhe said...

LOL! Did the Goob get the piggy as a gift for the holidays, one of my children got the same one with the book (the rest of the kids each got the other stuffies and books) but I just thought it was funny that our kids had the same cute piggy.

Good luck with the idiot doctors.

Good luck with school.

And as soon as I find the letter that I was writing you for an email I will get that sent, I had some questions on doily knitting and beads.

Take care of your self, I love reading your blog even if some others cant seem to see the sense in it all. :D

Alwen said...

Thank goodness we have the option of firing doctors who look right through us.

I bought the reprint of Beyer-Band 454 just before Christmas, but I'm pretending it's not there, la la la.