Thursday, January 14, 2010

That was interesting.

I wasn't gonna mention the bruhaha over the TM message (I took it down partly because of the circus and partly because I could not substantiate, 100%, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that it was sent by her). But then, sitting here this morning, I thought it might be kind of stupid to pretend it never happened, because in terms of cyberspace, yesterday was nuts. If this blog was really my living room (like the Yarn Harlot likes to say), I'd be sitting here in the aftermath of a massive party, looking at empty glasses and beer bottles, thinking "wow... That was crazy." Other than a few broken glasses, though, the party was kinda nice. Figuratively speaking.

-Got messages of support from dozens of people, including friends who don't knit. One old friend of mine offered to take over as my complaint department on a semi-permanent basis. For his own entertainment. He doesn't knit. I think he's really angling for more coconut macaroons, or a squid hat.

-Met a lot of fun folks over on the boards on Ravelry, in places I hadn't visited before. Wish I spoke/read Finnish, you guys look like fun and you've got some major knitting talent going on.

-About, what, ten new blog readers? (Hi, guys!)

If I hadn't accidentally had WAY too much caffeine yesterday (loose leaf English Breakfast, it gets me every time), and been pretty sick all day, I think I'd have enjoyed meeting all the new folks even more. The response was overwhelmingly polite - neutral, if not positive.

So, thanks to all of you who stopped by here, or e-mailed, or contacted me other ways, to say hi, make me laugh, or tell me they liked my blog. I always appreciate hearing nice things.

Now, I've got to go to Ohio to have lunch with some family and retrieve the yarn for the East Meets West bag I said I'd be knitting around this time. (Looks like Knitpicks only has the red ones left in stock.) In the next couple weeks I'll be doing some tutorials mostly having to do with different kinds of color work, but I'll try to hit some of the basics, too, like how to cast on 400+ stitches without losing your mind.

But for now, I drive. (I'd really rather stay home and spin.)


Bells said...

i'm glad you've come out of it largely positive. Sheesh. What a crapload of garbage the internet can be sometimes.

Anonymous said...

I just got the new Knit Pics magazine yesterday. Sometimes I think they use weird colors. Or maybe I am weird.

What is anoying me now is that they have starting featuring their books so if you want the kit you'll need to buy the book too.

Oh well.


Anonymous said...

PS drive safe.


Emily said...

I'm glad you sound good, too. I was kind of alarmed about the possible effect on you of all the... verbal missiles being hurled?

Ya know, thinking about it, I decided the VK letter-from-the-editor was very likely a response to your blog...a dumb response, but a response nonetheless. You're having a definite effect here. Now if they'd just go a little further & correct some things it'd all be good.

kate said...

At least you get a lovely sunny day for your drive!

(I missed the wild party, but dude. Glad you came through it mostly unscathed.)

BB said...

Don't know if you read "TM's" profile?

Anyway, glad you're back, and really, truly, want to know how to cast on so many stitches without losing it.

Drive safely!!

Anonymous said...

You have a wonderful attitude, and I continue to admire your ability to stay SO polite and even in the face of...impoliteness and unevenness :-P

Roxie said...

You thrive on a challenge, don't you? Put on your ass-kickin' boots and stride on out there!

The East Meeets West bag would drive me nutso crazoid. You, no doubt, will rock it! Yay Julie'!

Donna Lee said...

I'm sorry you had to pull the post. Too bad people can't respond like adults and have a conversation. I'm sorry you got shit on. Nobody deserves that. Especially not you.

bobbins said...

as an aside: I agree with Pam. Who picks Knit Picks colors? I love the yarn but often the colors are a turn off, especially in the kits.

I'm sorry of the negativity you experienced. Good Grief. You are expressing an OPINION. And in such entertaining ways, too.

Looking forward to posts on colorwork. In the middle of a stranded hat and there has to be a better way to do this so I don't have to rearrange and tug on specific floats.

Galad said...

Glad you emerged intact (though I never doubted it).

Hope today was a better day.

Ultimecia said...

Greetings from Finland! I didn't even attend to the original party and only havea vague idea of what's going on, but I'm glad this thing brought me to another interesting blog (I am one of the new people that is).

I've really enjoyed your blog for what I've read so far.

tallgirl said...

De-lurking to say that I too really enjoy reading your blog, it regularly makes my day and has expanded my knowledge on many subjects! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Damn. I missed the party.

As always, I love your blog, your opinion, your common sense and your honesty. Somebody has to point out that the Emperor is wearing no clothes, and I think you, and all your support is starting to scare the Emperor. Anyway - rock on... the hoards are behind you. :)

(security word: "skinduct" sounds nasty).

Liz said...

I step away from the blogs for a couple of days and the world goes nuts. Sorry for whatever drama resulted, but glad some of the outcomes were positive!

Love that bag. Drat you, KnitPicks and your North-America-only shipping policy...

Wren said...

I love your reviews, because the snark is not just for snark sake - there is constructive criticism in every piece you critique, and it helps me learn about how to look at designs.

If you need to regroup and find the fun again, maybe you could do an "old favorites" review: re-review one of your favorite issues ever. I keep picking up the Fall 2003 issue over and over, and every time I go back I end up dog-earing one more design because it is just such a great issue.

thanks for the fun reading!

MLJ1954 said...


Sorry I missed the bruhaha . . . I was out of commission for almost two weeks with hospital, etc.

I would have loved to have read the stuff that was pulled just for the laughter factor.

Some people are just to weird for words. On the other hand, I do know that I get bent when I have a co-worker trying to tell me how to do my job . . . sooooo.

Anyway, love your reviews and when I discover myself nodding in agreement, I know that you are right on track.