Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sekhmet, you fucker.

I suppose it is in the nature of cats to be annoying. At least, in the nature of SOME cats, and we've already established that this beast is one of those. Sekhmet has figured out that I'm not feeling well, and so is trying to offer comfort in the way of cats. Which means laying on me, against me, beside me, around me, at every opportunity. Purring all the while. (The purring I don't mind so much.) It has gotten so that I can't sit down for more than five minutes without her bouncing into my lap (she's following me from room to room), meaning that before I can stand up to do anything, at any time, I have to disentangle myself from fifteen pounds of cat, first.

Oh well. At least she hasn't bitten me lately.


The Knitting Olympics are coming up, and I'm trying to choose a project. At first I'd had something spectacular in mind, but I've been brooding, and you know... Innsvinget Ganser is still unfinished. All the knitting is done, it just needs a boatload of finishing, including pulling one arm out, unraveling two inches off the shoulder, and grafting it back in. (The royal pain in the ass of that is what's stalled it for the last, um, two years. Good gods. TWO YEARS?) At the moment, the sweater and all the stuff needed to finish it are in my in-laws' basement, and I'm due back in Ohio this coming week, so I could pick it up then.

I really should finish that poor damn sweater, huh?


I'm putting out a yowl for help amongst my blog readers. You guys are clever. I'm in the process of working on a line of designs intended for hand-spinners; designs that are worked in such a way as to use up as much as possible of the yarn. (I've got a scarf in progress and a wrap waiting for me to knit once I actually spin the yarn.) I want to name the LINE of patterns. Something clever to communicate that they're meant to use up all the yarn possible. All I can think of is "Every Scrap Patterns", which sounds like you're going to knit them with scrap yarn - totally contradictory because the pattern takes the approach that every bit of hand-spun yarn is valuable. So... suggestions, anyone?


Allison said...

No Yarn Left Unused? Not highly clever.

You should be grateful for the five minutes that Sehkmet gives you. Several of ours are either waiting by the chair or hopping onto the arm before we can even plant ourselves.

Amy Lane said...

Cast Off Clean?

Infinite Limits?

100% User Friendly?

Okay... I'm not feeling clever... but you can use my purse idea-- stopping in the middle of the i-cord to knit fringe was the cleverist thing I've done in a while...

janet said...

The phrase that comes to mind is "jot and tittle" but that may be strange.

Definitely interested in the patterns, though. A friend and I had the conversation tonight where we said "what do you do with that?"

Rose Red said...

I love that cats know when you are sick and want to comfort you (even if it is just a little bit annoying...)

Taking your idea and running with it, how about something like "Every last yard" or "Every little skerrick" (dunno if "skerrick" is a word used in the US, but it means "little bit").

Donna Lee said...

I'm drawing a blank but I'll let my brain percolate on it. I took my nightime medicine a short while ago and it's kicking in (darn bp meds make me sleepy)

Anonymous said...

How about "Waste Not Want Not" which is what my grandma used to tell me when she rolled the bits of string into a ball?

I have an old cat - she's 13 now - and while she will not sit on a lap she follows me from room to room and curls up on - literally on - my feet if I sit down or stand for any length of time. I think it's comfort for her.


Anonymous said...

"Every Precious Inch" ? Because that's kind of how I feel about my handspun....

Beverly in CA

Anonymous said...

"Titch to Spare"?

Also, Sekhmet sounds a lot like my Othello, who has currently been holding my legs hostage for upwards of an hour. Luckily I have a laptop and a Shalom cardigan-in-progress close at hand, so it's not the worst suffering ever.

Anonymous said...

oh god. finishe the Ganser. Please. I want to see it finished before I die! ;-)

Susan said...

My grandfather used to say,
"Waste Not Never Need" silly I know.
"Never Waste?"
That's all I am up to

Brewgal said...

How about Last Call?

Louiz said...

No inches to spare? Every last bit? Down to the wire?

kate said...

The Whole Shebang!

And then you can have that song from Velvet Goldmine as your theme song. :)

Roxie said...

How about, "Too good to waste."

Cats are psychic. And pretty good healers too, when it comes down to it. Tuna to her for her love.

Puleeeze finsh the ganser! Just DO it. Yes, it's a pain in the ass. And it'll be a burr under your saddle till you get the darn thing done. We'll all celebrate with you when it's done.

Pibble said...

No yard left behind?

Every inch is precious? (a la Monty Python)

Whole-hog handspun?

KG from FB said...

To the Death
Grande Finale
Entirely Done
All Used Up
In It's Entirety
Nothing Wasted

If I think of any better ones after my 2nd cup of coffee, I'll let you know.

Melodye said...

The Last Yard

PinkPorcupine said...

Highly unoriginal, but no one has mentioned it yet:

The Whole Nine Yards - patterns to make the most of handspun yarns

Yeah, cheesy. But it was too obvious not to say.

Shoveling Ferret said...

Totality patterns

All I got

PICAdrienne said...

Every last inch.
Good to the last yard.
Finite Skein.

The last one is not finite as in number but, finish as in Finite incantatem, latin sounding, but I don't feel like fiddling with character map.

TinkingBell said...

Every Damn Millimetre! (EDM patterns)

Celestial Siryn said...

How about "Every little bit counts"?

Sue said...

Don't have a clever name but LOVED Every Precious Inch which was suggested by Beverly in CA!!!!!

Anonymous said...

To illustrate that the patterns can be altered for larger or smaller amounts of handspun...

Flexible Creations
Flexy Patterns
Precious Yarn Creations
Infinite Flexibility Patterns
Just for Homespun
No Yard Left Behind (nah)
The Whole Skein
Made by Ewe (provided that pun hasn't been previously trademarked/copyrighted)
Designs For What Ewe Made (ditto)

...aaaaaaaaaaand that's all I have. Hope it sparks something. Do I get a free pattern if you pick one of my names? LOL

Marie from Akron

MLJ1954 said...

I don't have any suggestions, although I do like several that have been suggested, especially, "Every Precious Inch."

Liz said...

Oh, someone else has already suggested "The Whole Nine Yards"... Something about knitting till the bitter end (or down to the wire) springs to mind but doesn't really strike the right tone...