Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Or, okay, not. I don't have any super powers, and I don't sound like Ozzy Osbourne. It's rather a downer. But we're thinking this might work, at least at night to help me sleep.

I saw the physical therapist today (she was nice; I'd go back to her any time) and she showed me how to use the TENS unit. That's it on my hand, up there. It looks kind of badass there, with the electrodes and all, but it's really boring once I wrap my bright purple ace bandage around it to keep the wires from snagging on stuff. I asked the physical therapist if I'd wake up with super powers. She paused for a moment, then grinned and said no, but it would be cool. She did tell me that TENS units only work on nerves - but with luck, we might get the nerves transmitting the bone pain to shut up. Here's hoping.

For the appointment, in a desperate attempt to be taken seriously, I put on my Dignified Librarian clothes. (Not just librarian, no, DIGNIFIED librarian.) That meant a black long-sleeved tee shirt, olive slacks, the Dignified Angora Socks, and black shoes. Oh, and the glasses. Didn't wear the fur because when my hand's bothering me it's hard to wrestle thirty pounds of coat, no matter how warm it is.

I think it's working... when my pain levels drop I always get giddy. And I'm babbling right now.

For those of you who asked, I checked the tag on the socks. I can NOT believe that it specified, but it DID. They are made from bunny angora, not goat angora. (Which is nice 'cause that means when I step in a puddle I won't smell like wet goat.) It was listed as "rabbit hair". Can't believe they specified. It's Target, for crying out loud. Actually, I can't believe they had angora socks in the first place. But I wanna buy some more.


I've been spinning. The first (of eight) skeins of the color-blend experiment is done.

It's a two-ply yarn. I didn't weigh the wool for the different plies or anything, I just eyeballed it and hoped the singles were equal. When I plied the two singles together, I had this much left over on the one bobbin:

By my estimate, that's less than two yards. Damn I'm good.

I'm hoping to finish this yarn in time for the Ravelry Olympics (I'm on Team Owww!) and then use it to knit one of EZ's rib warmers during the actual games. (I'm not considering the spinning part of the challenge.)


Thanks be to all the gods, the Goober finally understands bribery. You know, "If you behave/clean up/quit that, I will reward you with some treat or other". In this case, it's some watercolors she got at Christmas, for the bribe.

It's actually working.


Amy Lane said...

LOL! Of course you'll wake up with superpowers--you'll wake up with the ability to babble! Who couldn't use that? Seriously-- glad you're feeling better, and glad you didn't get another asshole--we really only have a use for one!

Louiz said...

Fingers crossed you wake up with the ability to... fly? See through walls? Turn invisible? What super power would you have? Me, I'd fly. Or maybe woosh really fast to places. Or know when the snow will stop.

Bribery is good. Star charts also work pretty well (and are also bribery).

Glad the physical therapist is good. Hope the TENS thing works.

Roxie said...

A PT with a sense of humor? SCORE! And the TENS unit does look way cool. Where's the battery? Will you short out in a rainstorm?

Um - watercolors - pale carpet - rental unit. Are you SURE you want to do this? Wouldn't you rather put her on the kitchen linoleum or spread a shower curtain under her or something? Accidents happen to everyone.

Shoveling Ferret said...


Emily said...

Sorry about the hate mail! Who'da thought VK was a RELIGION?!?!

Not to mention responding like that is dumb, mainly because it DRAWS ATTENTION TO THE CRITIQUE.

All kinds of people who'd have never noticed your review normally will now be reading it. You're going to be famous here, and I'm not sure that's what VK had in mind.

bhuidhe said...

Wow the Goob is really starting to look like a little girl and less like a baby in that picture. They grow up so fast!

I was wondering since you already bought the magazine and I really dont want to buy it and give them more money, could I buy your most recent VK, I'll pay full price and shipping and then it is out of your home. Stupid gits that are having issues.