Sunday, January 03, 2010

My little old lady.

Back in December of 2000, when we were living in Honolulu, we found a dusty, half-grown gray tabby cat in our back yard. She didn't have a tag, looked half-starved, and lonely. When I opened the back door, she walked right in like she belonged there.

And so we adopted Sekhmet. Or rather, she adopted us.

She's been remarkably healthy, and has remained lively all these years; just last night she was smacking the Goober's toys around the living room, chasing them and leaping on them. But I just can't ignore that time passes, and my little half-grown kitty has become a fifteen pound asskicker who has been moved seven thousand miles, put up with a new baby sticking fingers in her ears, and now, living in a climate that is worlds away from the one she grew up in, in Hawaii. At eleven years old, she can't be enjoying the cold weather.

This morning, I knew she was REALLY cold. How? After the husbeast got out of the shower, she jumped in. I'm betting the tub was warm on her cold little toes.

So long as she's got a blanket, and I let her lay on me when she needs to warm up, she seems to be weathering things fairly well. But I keep thinking of that little kitty in my Hawaiian back yard, and I want to knit her a sweater. (I would if I thought she'd wear it.)


In other news, well, there is no other news. Just hanging around, existing for a while. I've had enough excitement. We went to the book store today, and there on the shelf was the new Vogue Knitting. So that review is coming up soon. (I also got the new Spin-off, which I'm sure I'll enjoy more. It's an Interweave publication, yanno.)

On the way to the book store, well, see, I've found a couple oldies radio stations in Pittsburgh. The one that was on the radio started playing "You're the One that I Want" from Grease, and did I mention my parents raised me on show tunes and Beach Boys songs? Plus, I had a friend in high school who used to joke about becoming a backup singer, and got me singing backup along with the radio. So today when the Grease song came on, I started on the backup vocals. By the time the song was over, the Goober and I were both singing "Oo, oo oo, honey!" and the husbeast was shaking his head and muttering.

VK and backup vocals all in one day. I was busy.


Galad said...

Sounds like the makings for a good day. I got to plan the principal in a community theater production of Grease and had so much fun singing along backstage. Shall we look for you on You Tube next :-)

Emily said...

Oooo baby! Great day! The husbeast & his women.

My lady cat is 17, I figured out recently. It's bitter cold out tonight, & I am NOT letting her out.

Anonymous said...

...other people joke about being back up vocalists and then practice for their pretend careers? holy shit.

Roxie said...

Geeze, do I have ego or what? It never occurred to me to sing back-up. I'm always the lead in my fantasies. But I love the vision of you and the Goober singing "Ooo ooo ooo, Honey" for the husbeast.

I have a sardine on my tongue and am awaiting the VK review with baited breath.

Barbara said...

Doesn't everybody sing in the car? I thought it was like a law or something. I grew up sitting in the dark backseat of a 1950 Chrysler on southern Indiana backroads listening to Mom and Dad singing harmony. "Heart of my heart, I love that melody..." Sorry, got lost in nostalgia for a minute.

I'm with you, Roxie, I seldom sing backup, I'm always the headliner.

Amy Lane said...

There is something so startling about how our pets age, isn't there? I know we got Dennis Quaid from a shelter and he was around five years old--and that was five years ago, and it just hit me that he's sort of getting into creaky late middle age!

You should have SEEN Squish singing to Alving & The Chipmunks--'bout blew our minds! (But Zoomboy's favorite is still California girls!)

debsnm said...

I have a kitty who HATES being cold. He'd do almost anything to be warm (hasn't jumped in the shower, yet). We have ONE southern exposure window, and he's usually in that bedroom curled up in the smallest ball he can managed, under as many of the blankets as he can get. When we're sitting in the living room with our blankets, he's usually tucked under somebody's arm. I keep saying I'm getting him his own electric blanket, but haven't done it yet.

ellen in indy said...

your singing with the goober made me flash back to harmonizing everly brothers songs from the oldies station with dd when she was young. flash forward, and she and her own daughter (my grandgirl) sing along with beyoncé and alicia keyes and gwen stefani. in fact, there are times we're a trio rolling down the highway. fun!

just wait til miss goober discovers radio disney. you'll be amazed how many oldies they sanitize and recycle -- i.e. "dancin' in the moonlight," sung by (wait for it, wait for it) allison STONER.

gotta laugh at my verification word -- press. once it was my career. now it's what i do to clothes.