Monday, September 01, 2008

A great, oozing puddle of suck.

In my great drive to finish some things, over the last couple days I finished knitting a bucket bag I've been working on, and chucked it in the washing machine to felt. I didn't quite like how it turned out, so I put it through the cycle again.

With luck, - and a serious shave - this might be salvaged and turned into a cat bed.

But mostly? I think it's trash. Or possibly llama vomit. Or, I don't know, a hair ball from a tiger. A small, eviscerated sheep dog?

Why do I keep trying to felt things?

I really want a martini.


Donna Lee said...

I am working on the knitting part of my first felted bag and now you are making me worry. If I spend all this time knitting 168 rows of this sucker and it doesn't felt well, I will be really pissed. I just assumed if I followed the directions it would work. Is that a fantasy?

Cindy said...

Very Scary. What yarn was it knit with?

Jeanne said...

my cats would love something like this! Do you have a pattern?

My first and only felted bag was made with Noro - and after 4 trips thru the washing machine - it only semi felted, keys and pens poke thru the sides, etc. So why do I keep looking at more Noro to make another bag? Because I am a knitter.

Amy Lane said...

And why does my family keep felting things that shouldn't be felted? But I do have to admit you're right--it looks like giant tiger barf.