Thursday, September 04, 2008

Let's try something a bit more positive.

Or at least funny. Several good friends and/or crazy people have e-mailed me a link to one of the funniest history sites I have ever had the pleasure to clap eyes on. I should probably warn about foul language, but if you hang around here for more than five minutes you can handle it. Besides, it's FUNNY foul language, which is a whole other situation than just swearing for no reason. Anyway. Some of the funnier bits:

-Chesty Puller One of the craziest mofos to ever serve in the US military and made Douglas MacArthur look like a prancing nancy boy.
-The A-10 Warthog It's a war plane - this one made the husbeast laugh so hard he cried.
-Several Asian martial arts legends, including Jomyo Meishu of Tsutsui and the First Emperor. The article on Meishu is the one that made ME laugh until I cried.

I wanna be Ching Shih when I grow up. But I'll raid the E Coast of N America instead of China.


Roxie said...

Love it, love it, love it! Sharing Chesty Puller with all the Marines I know!

Anonymous said...

Do I count as crazy, or a good friend? LOL


Amy Lane said...

Can't wait to read--more time suckage--whee!

TinkingBell said...

Hahahah ROFLMAO! What woinderful Badasses! - but ca they field dress a moose like the latest US politico? Hmm