Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More stuff.

Okay, after that last blog post, I did do some knitting. Finished the knitting/felting portion of the crown.

It is looking relatively foolproof, knock on wood. Lots of wood. All that's left now is some sewing, needle felting, and, yay, pattern writing. Whee ha.

Then I crawled off under my rock and made a mutant aster. (Yes. I am a plant freak. I am trying to re-create real flowers. This can't possibly shock anyone at this point.)

After that, I started on some leaves. I'm gonna make an actual floral spray sort of thing.

At the moment I've got two large leaves like the one above, a mini leaf, and two floral centers. I am now working toward several large flowers (rose-ish), and then some smaller forget-me-not flowers. No way I'll ever be able to sell this and make money. Screw it. It's physical therapy. And my desk looks like this.

Then I did some spinning, and had the husbeast shoot some video.

It's kind of cool. I actually look like I know what I'm doing.

Now if you'll excuse me, the ribbon is calling. It is saying "duuuuuude, you really need to get a grip".


TinkingBell said...


Oh and dress up hat thingos?

Knights helmet, dragon head, mohawk, native american head dress, turban, firemans hat, highwayman tricorne, pirate hat.

You asked.

Louiz said...

Not surprised you're trying to recreate actual flowers. They are very cool. What are you going to do for stems etc on the sprays (just out of curiosity)?

Donna Lee said...

Spinning videos are what helped me figure out what to do with my hands. I was spinning last night and was pleasantly surprised to find out that it seemed to flow a little more easily. Progress! Now I'm going to attempt to ply some singles. Another hurdle to overcome. Your desk looks like a happy, confusion of color. Not a bad thing if you ask me.

Alwen said...

Your hands look very smart!

It looks like your physical therapy is a lot more fun than squeezing a rubber ball.

Amy Lane said...

cool, cool, and cool.

I knit a little. That's it. Huzzah for me! Your day looks like a lot more fun:-)