Monday, September 08, 2008

A weekend of dumbassery.

Pretty much everything I touched this weekend turned out screwy. Not bad, particularly. But screwy.

The Baby Surprise Jacket? Remember those things I talk about all the time called gauge swatches?

Not only is it garish, it was meant for a newborn. This thing's the size of a two year old, easy. Fortunately I know a kid the right size I'll be mailing it off to. And I've got some equally garish cording to make some frogs with, for the thing. (That's my hand-dyed yarns I knit it with, if you're wondering WTF that stuff is.)

I also finished up some ribbon barettes:

They turned out all right. The dumbassery here was when I was hot-gluing the ribbon to the metal barette and had this thought - "Why in fuck is this getting hot... oh, damn, I am a moron. Ow."

Any friendly readers out there want to offer suggestions on pricing, for selling these things? These are going in the mail to some little girls, but I'll be making more. And more and more. And possibly some more dignified stuff for grownups. Like real flowers. Offered on your choice of barette, hair pin, comb, or pin as part of the cost.

In non-dumbass news (in fact the opposite), the Goob has taken great interest in my archeology and history books, and is getting into poking at photos and asking "What dat?" Today she singled out a photo of a bullae and I found myself explaining anciente Sumerian accounting to her. I can see her now, in first grade, piping up with "The Sumerians used clay pots for this crap... can't I use a calculator?"

And the husbeast just walked in the house and announced "I hate stupid people." so I bet he had as good a day as I did.

Maybe I'll go crawl under a rock and make some frogs now. Yeah. That sounds good.


Anonymous said...

My husband and I are continually amazed that there are people in the world who are so incredibly .... not smart. Just kind of the head-shaking "How do people funciton in the world without knowing [this]?" where [this] is something that we think is rather obvious or stupidly simple.

I've seen ribbons like that for $8-10. I don't wear hair decorations, so I don't know the proper going rate. A quick etsy search says between $3.50 and $700. :)

Anonymous said...

yeah, there's a lot of stupid going around.

in my office, people are being shuffled for the umpteenth time. some didn't even know it until they came in and their phones/computers/monitors had been moved.

i'm not sure what problems this is supposed to solve, but i know it has created at least one: a person whom i frequently had to ask for additional info has been moved 3 or 4 rows away in the cube farm. so now i'll have to e-mail her, phone her or walk over to her desk several times a wk. yeah, that'll speed up the workflow, won't it!?!

but for the moment, at least, we don't have to re-apply for the jobs we've been doing for years . . .

Anonymous said...

$5-$7, or $10 a set?

The Goob is going to shock the school system. Bowahaha. To be a fly on the wall at Kindergarten...

I love them all, but the yellow one would look so pretty in a certain little girl's hair that both you and I know (not mine.)


Anonymous said...

Must be the moon or something. I can't begin to describe the way things have SUCKED today. A day that begins with an asshole x-ray tech who let my DH FALL on his butt after I TOLD the idiot that my DH would need steadying to stand up from his wheelchair... is NOT a good day.

At least the fall was BEFORE the x-rays, so he didn't need to be immediately re-x-rayed for broken bones. Talk about STUPID PEOPLE!! I'd love to provide that ass with an equal bruise on HIS butt - only not from a fall.

Please God, let tomorrow be better.


TinkingBell said...

Hah - if it wasn't for those really stoopid people we wouldn't look so fabulously smart - besides - they give us someone to laugh at! (Or scream at if they happen to be the dumbass pointless waste of space driving the white piece of crap ford laser yesterday - you know who you are and you know I have slippers with IQs higher than yours, dickhead - see - I feel better all ready!)

Donna Lee said...

It's really bad when we both come home from work and say "damn all the stupid people". There are a lot of them. Heinlein said that stupidity is the only capital crime and the stupid person can't help it and should just be killed. Some days, I agree with him. No more overpopulation.

Alwen said...

"Dis iz de greatest ting sinz sliced schtupid people on toast!"

Amy Lane said...

Two for $5? I'm SO bad at pricing shit--that was only a guess.

As for 'I hate stupid people'--I made the mistake of playing 'I hate everyone' for Mate. And now Mate, Chicken and myself have singalongs-- 'All the people on the street--I hate you all!'.

Big T has been talking about 'narrative structure' in his special ed classes since the fourth grade--the Goob is in good company:-)

Brewgal said...

I think the stupid people survive because the rest of us pick up their crap. But hey, that's just a theory.