Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Some folks wanted to know exactly how I knit this and what pattern I used (they have soon-to-be-lucky cats, I suspect). I showed the photos to the friend I was knitting the bag for. When she got done laughing, she said that off-white would probably have gotten dirty too fast for her, anyway. And is all right with the, ah, slight delay for another bag.

It is supposed to be the medium-sized Shigra Bag from "Folk Bags" by Viki Square. I knit it with Reynolds Lopi (regular, not the lite) and felted the living hell out of it. Obviously. Size ten needles. I guess since it's getting actual use, I'll list it over at Ravelry like a real project.

For those seriously looking to knit felted cat beds, there's a pattern available for free over at Wendy Knits called the Kitty Pi, based on EZ's pi shawl. Check out the Flickr gallery (link on the pattern page). It's a very popular pattern. I'm sure it's available through Ravelry, too.

Last night, Sekhmet fell asleep in her new kitty nest something like this:

As she fell deeply asleep, she went boneless the way cats do. Her nose slipped out of the bed and her head hit the floor with an audible thud. She didn't wake up.

Then I laughed snot out my nose.


Anonymous said...

There are some pretty kitties over there. I thought you'd be able to sell them on Etsy.


Liz said...

I love the way cats go all undignified when they really sleep. Mine ends up looking like something filleted sometimes, upside down, head on the floor, body on the futon mattress, completely out... At the moment she's guarding the front door in tomb-dog pose, for reasons unknown to me.

Amy Lane said...

My cat kept looking for my daughter's (unintentionally) felted Jesus sweater to sleep on. I would have been honored if I hadn't been trying so hard not to get mad at Mate for washing it.

Alwen said...

Cat falling asleep as sinus-clearer. Now that's a new one on me!