Saturday, September 20, 2008

Signs of the coming apocalypse.

-Quit knitting the brown shawl at round 120 because it wasn't going to be big enough and am starting over. Which means two, three weeks of lace knitting, out the window.

-Totally brainfarted yesterday and missed Talk Like A Pirate Day. Arg.

-Paulie Shore is doing voiceovers for Disney, and Brian Setzer is writing music for them.

-John McCain is being taken seriously as an advocate for the US Military after repeatedly fucking them over as a congressman for over fifteen years. (Sorry, the politics just slipped in. I've hated the SOB since 1999 when he fucked us over with a pay grade 'increase' that actually took money out of our pockets.)

-Spent yesterday trying to translate 'wik' into Scandinavian languages, due to its use in the Monty Python subtitles. A Møøse once bit my sister...

-Sekhmet has been nice.

-The Goober is throwing tantrums because she can't read. When she reads it'll be straight to tech manuals on how to build plasma generators and nuclear warheads.

-The weather is cool enough to have the windows open, and it's not December.

I'm making cookies. When the Four Horsemen show up, we'll all have tea. But Pestilence isn't allowed to touch the food.


Caroline / purplish said...

Why are you trying to translate the MP subtitles into Scandinavian? And are you trying to translate them into proper Scandinavian, or are you trying for the same misspelled effect?

/The Swede ;)

emilyfaxon said...

Two to three weeks of knitting out the window....sounds par for the course, alas. I once had to redo the entire of a coat back worked in intarsia because it was too small for the reciptient. Yes, I swatched; no, I was too arrogant to check as I went along! I think of that every time I need to rip something out. I figured out it's a spiritual lesson of some sort, but I forget how just now...MLE

Barbara said...

Of course the Goob thinks she should know how to read! I'm actually surprised she can't. I am enthralled with the picture of her in wings and a tiara. Such a beautiful child. You're going to have an interesting life trying to keep up with her.

Anonymous said...

Let the Goob play on Starfall and you'll have her reading any day now.

Roxie said...

The Goober reads, Sekhmet gets thumbs, and civilization as we know it ends.

Why rip it out? Why not just add a border of some kind? Or block the hell out of it?

Alwen said...

Well, here are a couple of links for you, then:

Even better, do a "View Source" and check out the code for that page.

And this one - maybe you better take your half-gallon-bucket of not-getting-mad medication first:

Amy Lane said...

I'm still fat--the horsemen have at least 90 lbs. to go before they ride. (but Pestilence must have already groped my cookies because I'm sick. Fucker--he ruins parties like no one's business.)

Roxie said...

"The typical hunter-gatherer in a reasonably fertile environment has a twenty hour work week, meaning it takes twenty hours a week to ensure you have food to eat and a roof over your head."

Where do you get this information? I ask this in all humility, since I know you don't make casual assumptions.I was under the impression that finding and preserving your food was pretty much a full time job, even for people with expert hunter/gatherer skills. That's why fatness was such a sign of wealth and beauty.