Saturday, September 13, 2008

A proud day.

No, no, this isn't about the Goober. I've gloated over her enough. (Though I did break down at the craft store today and buy her fairy wings, so more sickeningly cute photos, coming up soon.) This is about my mother-in-law.

I taught her to knit while I was pregnant, so, what, three and a half years ago. She has been an adventerous knitter, gradually working her way through different projects, learning new skills. As she puts it, she wants to learn something when she knits.

So, her latest project has been a sweater for my father-in-law. It is a cable knit. She was kind of sweating the gauge (she had been advised to WASH THE GAUGE SWITCH, so all SHOULD have been well) because the back was too narrow. I told her it would be fine because she WASHED THE SWATCH. She brought it down with her so we could wash it together, and (I'm betting) I could pour her wine if it went wrong.

Exactly the size it is supposed to be.

A fine, fine day.

Me? I'm knitting another crown, to make sure the pattern works. Then I'll be offering it for free, here and on Ravelry.


ellen in indy said...

thank you in advance for the crown pattern. a certain hoosier princess will be most delighted!

Donna Lee said...

She looks adorable in the princess dress and the purple shoes make the outfit. One of my girls had a ballerina outfit that she wore every day because she was going to be a "ballerina bus driver" when she grew up. She loved the tutus and thought buses were awesome. Now, she hates pink and has never ridden a bus in her life.

Anonymous said...

Go mother-in-law, look at those awesome cables! Which pattern is it?
Happy birthday to Goober. Her photos makes me happy!

Leonie said...

Hi Julie, I have tagged you on a meme, hope you don't mind. Come see my blog to find out which one!

Amy Lane said...

Go Mama, go Mama, go Mama!

Wow--way to inspire, Julie!