Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hey, Scandinavian people.

Help me make my friend snarf coffee out her nose tomorrow morning!

(Snarf: verb. To laugh while drinking, causing liquid to shoot out nose, often causing damage to computer keyboards.)

As I mentioned yesterday, she's been tormenting me with quotes from the subtitles at the beginning of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I've run "also also wik" through every translating program I can think of, and nothing's coming up for any Scandinavian language I can think of. So either it's misspelled, slang, or - go figure, it's Monty Python - totally made up. But it will give me something to do other than snarf tea out my nose when an IM screen pops up that says "Including the majestik møøse".

Thank you, I will let all of you know the results. Especially if it causes property damage or antihistimine consumption.

Otherwise, uh, it's a day. I had to quit taking a bunch of my medication because it was/is causing this mouth sore, and I'm beginning to suspect part of the problem was the medication. (Gee, that never happens.) I also think that for the last five or six YEARS, what we were calling chronic pain symptoms and treating as such was really fallout from the crashing thyroid. It appears that the pain problem is almost entirely isolated to my right hand and all the rest of this shit has been because my entire endocrine system was fucked up. Anyway. Anyway. I'm kinda loopy at the moment (gee, that's new) but feeling better.

Still knitting.

I have begun recording Tank Girl on the DVR. Which should make me drive for a mainac for at least a week.

And I ate an entire batch of cookies last night. Well. The husbeast had one and the Goober had three. I ate the rest.


Leonie said...

Checked out the link you gave and each boxed section starts with the English and then gives the scandinavian equivalent at the bottom so for the one you want:

Also also appearing
Mark Zycon Elspeth Cameron
Mitsuko Forstater Sandy Johnson
Sandy Rose Romilly Squire
Joni Flynn Alison Walker
Loraine Ward Anna Lanski
Sally Coombe Vivienne Macdonald
Yvonne Dick Daphne Darling
Fiona Gordon Gloria Graham
Judy Lams Tracy Sneddon
Sylvia Taylor Joyce Pollner
Mary Allen

Alsø alsø wik

The translation is "also also appearing" why the also also? who knows.

Bugger about the meds, I just have hormones screwing with my memory and my sleep, so permanent sleep deprivation leaves me susceptible to injuring myself. This will all be fixed in a month or two when I finish feeding the baby. Thank goodness. Good Luck with Snarf patrol!

Paige Darling said...

Just look up how to say "with" in her language and then butcher it, American style. That might cause a chain reaction snarf.

Alwen said...

I'm vondering if the "v" is not a "v", as in "Jorvik", like over here:

And also Monty Python silliness.

We apologise again for the fault in the subtitles. Those responsible for sacking the people who have just been sacked have been sacked.

Arianne said...

I reckon (!) it's totally made up.

Shall I ask Michael Palin for you?

(I don't know him or anything. So this might be hard.)

Louiz said...

It is made up, and also imitative. If you've never seen a 1970's scandiavian film with subtitles that are absolutely just like that, you don't realise why it's funny. They were translated by the Scandivians and usually in a hurry because they were usually pr0n films so not a lot of money was spent on them and they were usually really really bad English.

Or so I was told when I asked an older friend about it when I first saw it.

Donna Lee said...

I saw The Holy Grail when it came out in the theater (yes I am that old) and the credits alone were worth the price of admission. I went with two friends and my sister. One friend and I were laughing out loud and my sister and other friend moved away so as not to be associated with us. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism a few years ago and you'd be surprised at how many physical problems went away with the addition of some synthroid....

Malin said...

I'd say it's totally made up by the Monty Python crew. It's not Swedish and I think not Norwegian or Danish either.

BTW, "with" is "med" in Swedish

And, yes, I'm from Sweden :-)

Caroline / purplish said...

Yes, it's made up. It's just supposed to look sort of Scandinavian but at the same time be understandable, so wik = with.

And the subtitles have of course already been translated, because there are subtitles in the DVDs and videos... (Subtitled subtitles!) So if I had been at home I could have checked what the official translation, but alas I am not.

But of course "the majestick møøse" should be "den majestiske mus". ;) Or...something.

Roxie said...

OH yes, "mus" is that little gray thing that ran under the refrigerator just now. the cats are SOOO pissed. "Den majestik mus" instead of "wik", perhaps "meth" (th as in then) which is a Danish pronunciation of "med"