Monday, September 22, 2008

I married a hero.

In the US Navy, there are many awards. From the highest, the Congressional Medal of Honor (if you are awarded an MOH, the president salutes you, as does everyone else in the military), down through the Navy Cross, the Distinguished Service medals, the Silver Star, on down through the Purple Heart, the Navy Achievement Medal (known as the NAM) and on and on. I once knew a guy who had so many ribbons and medals, he kept them in a Mason jar on his desk, and would pull out three at random to wear on his uniform each day. (I believe one of those awards was the Navy Cross, so they let him get away with it.)

All the way at the end of the list, past the Good Conduct Medal (known by some as the Not Getting Caught Award), the Antarctica Service Medal, and the Expert Pistol Marksman ribbon, is the tongue-in-cheek Yellow Sticky Note Of Merit.

I'm so proud. (Actually, he's got some REAL medals and ribbons, but the Yellow Sticky Note of Merit is my favorite in terms of humor.)


Amy Lane said...

I love the 'yellow sticky note of merit'--every Husbeast deserves one:-)

Donna Lee said...

The YSOM could become the new gold standard of honor! Is that a commander with a sense of humor? I think we should adopt it and design a button that says "atta girl" for bloggers! I would do this but my computer skills in that area are sorely lacking.

Alwen said...

I must see if my husband has one of those . . . :D

Roxie said...

That is too cool for school! You should frame that in a big, multiply-matted expensive impressive frame and put it over the fireplace. It makes me squeal with glee.