Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The daily stuff.

Didn't knit a stitch yesterday. Was chortling with glee while I made these:

I can keep construction of single flowers like these down to an hour or so, which means selling singles will be mildly profitable (in that I will make back the cost of materials and something not quite minimum wage for my time spent). Sprays of flowers, on the other hand, are gonna cost. Though these days only hat makers will likely WANT sprays, so I'll try to keep it to single flowers or small groups...and I don't know why I'm babbling about this to YOU guys. Anyway, the physical therapy is going well and it may pay for itself.

Sekhmet is a fucker.

In case you can't tell what exactly is going on in that photo, there's a pile of toys and a couple pillows shoved under the coffee table, and Sekhmet has crawled in there and wedged herself onto one of the pillows. Because she's a cat, and she can.

The Goober is still cute.

That's a tiara and some fairy wings she's got on, there. When wearing this getup she has informed us she's a 'princess butterfly'.

Monday, after we'd seen off the in-laws on their way home, the Goob flounced back into the house, flopped on the couch, and told me "Oh, bummer." I think she had a good time.

When she's bored later today, I happened to pick up some bright pink quick-dry nail polish at the pharmacy yesterday. That should delight her.

As for the rest, well, I feel stupid even complaining about this, but remember how my one anti-inflammatory used to trigger shingles? (If not, I had three rounds of them before shifting medication.) This new medication seems to be triggering another version of the herpes virus, namely mouth sores from hell. I've had to quit taking the anti-inflammatories to get the sores to heal, can't eat, and am having to drink hot tea with a straw. Several of my Beloved Readers are dealing with true, serious, awful crap in their lives (I'm thinking of you, and worrying over you), so I feel ridiculous even mentioning it. But damn it, it hurts. I'd have some cheese with the whine, but it hurts to eat. Waaaaaah. Next up, hangnails.

THEN, last night I was messing around with my iPod (a shuffle - looooove it), and somehow, the display on my laptop got rotated 90 degrees to the left. (Meaning the 'top' of the screen was on the left side.) I sighed heavily, and the husbeast, sitting beside me, said "WHAT?" (he's had a really stressed out couple days at work). Apparently he was expecting 'my mouth hurts' or 'I'm tired' or some other usual, everyday crap. Instead, I said "Any ideas how to fix THIS?" and turned the computer sideways so he could see the display. After he got over the shock, he laughed and laughed. Bah. So glad to help with de-stressing. (Got the display fixed with relatively little fuss. Apparently there's an actual setting for that crap on the control panel.)

So all is as usual at my house - odd, out of date crafts like antique ribbon work, a psycho cat, a princess butterfly, and somehow turning my entire computer sideways. Just another day.

Gearing up for that archeology rant. I have photos.


Barbara said...

She's the cutest princess butterfly I've seen in days. Welcome to life. Nothing normal happens here either. Yesterday the emergency brake on my minivan stuck while I was on the highway. Nice. Good thing I have new tires, huh? To quote the Goob, bummer.

According to my verification word, I am an "acebot," what the hell ever that is. Yay, me!

Donna Lee said...

Ouch. Having been a herpes sufferer all of my life, I know the pain. You've probably already tried abreva which works well and there is a prescription med that works wonders but has benzocaine in it.

One of my daughters loved the wings/tiara/boas when she was young and wouldn't be caught dead in frilly fluffy stuff now. Except she says when she gets married she might like a tiara....

Alwen said...

Here's a weird herbal for you (if it's something you can tolerate):

thyme tea, made with kitchen thyme

I use it sometimes when I get a canker sore on the underside of my tongue. (Oh, hai, is this the TMI blog?!?)

Now I better stop before I start making puns.

Amy Lane said...

I love those princess butterflies--and I love the assumption that 'she WILL get bored later'. And I'd say don't let the little things get you down--but you and I both know that the little things, repeated over several days make us cranky and bitchy and whiny. And even putting them into perspective (i.e., people with real problems) doesn't help, because, darn it, chronic pain just pisses us off. Even the little shit. You're forgiven.

Anyway, you sure make ribbon purty:-)

emilyfaxon said...

Lysine for the herpes? I get cold sores easily these days; a lot of sun will trigger them, or a cold, or any kind of stress at all. My mother got them, too, and I learned about the lysine from her. I take it every blankety blank day. I still get the cold sores, but they're minimal now. ....MLE

Bells said...

oh she looks so pretty. Just lovely.

No knitting? How weird.

I'm sorry you're not feeling well. We all have shit to deal with, huh?

ellen in indy said...

two of my bosses had shingles. both were good guys who didn't deserve such suffering. (how come the supervisors from hell didn't get 'em instead? life is so not fair.)

i plan to get the shingles immunization soon because i'm in the age group where it's strongly suggested just because i'm in the age group -- i.e., about the same age as you, husbeast and goober added together.

when i retire, i plan to volunteer in my grandgirl's school, where i'll encounter all sorts of microorganisms. i don't think the shot helps w/other herpes variants, but at least if i encounter a poxy kid, i won't have to deal w/shingles @ the same time as other sh-tuff.

feel better soon!

Louiz said...

Hope you feel better - pain is still pain whether it's small or large:(

And looking forward to the archeological rant!

Liz said...

Just OW on the mouth-sores - my default reaction to stress and it's horrible. And you can't forget about it whatever you're doing... Sympathy from here.

Not sure I'm going to be able to post this comment; word verification has gone into some weird cursive which is playing hell with my 40-year-old eyes...

PICAdrienne said...

I really hope this information is too late (only because you will be over the discomfort), but my daughter had something similar. What her doctor told me to do was mix a 50-50 mixture of benadryl and maalox, then put it on the sores in the mouth. basically, you can mix the single dose of each, and put it on the sores, at the same dosing rate as for your weight. (OK, she was 2, meds were by weight.) You do need to make sure there is no interaction with any other medications, but it did seem to relieve her discomfort.