Monday, September 22, 2008

Sums up my day.

I know, I know, I'm blathering. Bear with me. This conversation was just had in my house and it bears recording.

ME: scowling and muttering to myself over Kunstricken patterns

HUSBEAST: "What's with you?"

ME: "I'm talking to myself in German."

HUSBEAST: "You don't speak German."

ME: "Why do you think I'm annoyed?"


Amy Lane said...

Sounds like a Death Leppard song in the making...

Amy Lane said...

I am SO brain damaged. Def Leppard. (guten glieben gotten globen? Okay, the witty one liner is just spoiled now. I'll go away.)

TinkingBell said...

Sorry - just caught up!! Yeah people who can't craft are experts in textiles, people who can't count are experts in math and people who can't do anything are either news anchors or have talk shows (or they're critics) because cetainly people who can't speak english are sports commentators and too many people who can't write in english appear to be either hournalists or legislators. Go figure!

Alwen said...

The front section of Kinzel (both books) might be helpful.

Google translate is just useless for specialty stuff like knitting terms, let alone lace knitting, and never mind tatting.

Roxie said...

Makes sense to me.