Tuesday, September 02, 2008

...and the stuff I forgot.

-found some Dulce du Leche in a can at the grocery store tonight. It's from Nestle, in the same section as the sweetened condensed milk. I did not grab it, yell "SCORE!" and do a geek dance in the middle of the store, but it was a close thing. If/when I find the perfect cake recipe for it, I will post it.

-tropical storm Hannah is due to hit my house Friday or Saturday. It's supposed to be a hurricane by then. I'm twenty miles inland, so the only real worry here is flooding, unless the storm hits category three or higher. Considering the monsoons I've seen in Hawaii, I'm rather 'eh' about the entire thing, but the entire city has gone insane. Like it's the first hurricane that ever hit here. Oy. Anyway, we may be without power (and therefore internet access) for a day or two. Don't spaz on my behalf unless the eye of a hurricane makes a direct hit on the mouth of the Ashley River at high tide. (Which is highly unlikely.)

-Sekhmet got the idea that the barf bag (the official name, I think) was a new bed because I picked her up while she was asleep and curled in a ball, and popped her into the bowl/bag/bed. She kinda snuffed once or twice and went back to sleep. Now she crawls in on her own, so I guess she likes it.

-my kid is cute.

But we knew that. (Those eyebrows? They're known as 'Stimpy eyebrows'. She inherited them from her father.)


TinkingBell said...

Just caught up on your posts - laughed so much it made me cough (spring cold time here) and now I sound like an asthmatic seal! Loved the IUD Cock ring thing - snot ouyt my nose - sorry - too much information there!

Jilly Bean said...

Were you around for Hurricane Iniki? Living in the base of the mountains, I mainly remember boarding up a couple of windows, helping neighbors pull in their patio furniture, and playing board games with my cousin when the power went out.

Hopefully that's all your current hurricane brings. :)

jeanfromcornwall said...

Make a cake with Dulce de Leche???
Why go to all that trouble? Just dribble it over vanilla ice cream.

Anonymous said...

make bannoffoe pie!!!

Donna Lee said...

We're anticipating heavy rain Saturday from the edges of the storm plus another one headed our way. Just rain, no real winds. But rain is enough to knock the power out so i have a clip on book lite that clips to my clothing so knitting can continue.

Amy Lane said...

Here's to knitting while it rains, right?

And your kid? Oh yeah--she's cute. (Your cat is insane, but your kid is definitely cute--love the 'Stimpy' eyebrows:-)

Lia said...

Eat it pure. It's the best thing evah.

Or else , make a chocolate mousse with 4 tbps of powdered chocolate, a can of dulce de leche, the same measure of double cream and a small packet of unflavored gelatin (dissolved in water), so it can become something with a shape.

Beat everything up on the blender and pour it on anything that can go to the fridge and let it become stiff :)

If you want some easy dulce de leche at home, just cook a can of sweetened condensed milk on a pressure cooker for about 15/20 min.

Alwen said...

They have it in the Mexican grocery stores around here. (Lots of migrant/immigrant labor = yummy stuff in the stores.)