Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ribbony madness.

There is a fine line between 'hobby' and 'mental illness'.
-- Dave Barry

And we're skating the edge of the line here at House O' Samurai. I'm finishing up some, shall we say, experimental work in the form of a bunch of froo-froo barettes for some girls (possibly including my own girl), then will be offering more artfully rendered things in my Etsy shop. In a half-assed experiment this morning, I found myself pondering the above quote from Dave:

This is, obviously, a five-cord braid. I'm gonna glue it onto a barette with some kinda flower poofs on the ends, and leave the long ribbons dangling down with beads on them. 'Cause all little girls love dangly bits. (Until we grow up and realize the best dangly bits are the parts we lead men around by. Oh. Wait. Did I type that out loud? Never mind. Ignore that.)

I have invented something I'm calling the 'six-petaled poof':

Not botanically accurate, but it will probably make a little girl squeal with delight when it is affixed in her hair. I showed it to the husbeast with some small pride, and he asked, "Is that a cock ring, or an IUD?"

I immediately turned toward the window - for better light - and took a photo.

He said "Oh geez, will that be going on the next -"


"Can you leave out the cock ring part?"

Nope. And you can start worrying about your dangly bits, too. I might string them with beads and tie knots in the ends.

LeGoob has gotten in on the act and mooched small bits of ribbon off me.

Here she attempts to look like a Replicant from Blade Runner. The Darryl Hannah flavor.

And the husbeast has just informed me he has turned on the deep fryer. Perhaps I should go see what that's all about.

Oh. And I am still knitting.


Amy Lane said...

I just laughed so hard I almost peed. Yeah--Mate sometimes worries about what he does that will be blogfodder--I can't wait to threaten him with this!

(And you're right--little girls, big girls, we all love our particularly flavored 'dangly bits'.)

Jilly Bean said...

I almost find it sad that I've seen enough to say, "that looks nothing like a cock ring."

As it is, that is a completely cute flower type thiny and, although I doubt I'd be squealing when I did it (simply because I'm not generally a squealer), I'd totally buy it. seriously, just tell me when it's on your etsy site so I can buy it.

Anonymous said...

Very pretty braiding! Husbeast must have strange dangly bits if he thinks that pretty flower bow will do anything for him. He He He.


Louiz said...

just laughed out loud. In the office. Whilst typing up something really dull. I think I might have given away the "sneaking blog reading into my work day" ploy...

And yep, dangly bits work. Hey, how about hair elastic with flower shaped beads on? Just paid rather a lot for some for Kathryn... so someone else may as well get some profit from it!

Roxie said...

If he thinks it looks like a cock ring, his experience is decidedly limited. Sweet, naive lad! Lovely ribbony goodness. You might offer some of those bits of fooforaw as pins as well as barettes. What a festive accent for a nice knitted cap!

Anonymous said...

What's up with husbands and deep fryers? A friend of ours bought us one as a wedding/housewarming present, and Larry can't get enough of it.