Thursday, August 14, 2008


As I've said before, this blog does double duty as a log of the Goob's cuteness (and evilness) and an easy way to share photos and video with the family. So you guys are left suffering through a montage of cuteness.

She was watching TV in her box, again.

When she saw the camera, she climbed out and insisted on posing for a shot.

The teen years are gonna be some picnic, let me tell ya.

The husbeast has been giving the Goober occasional horsie rides. The video's badly lit, so I'll share a photo first.

And the badly-lit vid:

The other day, the Goob came up to me with a pretend cup of 'menolade' [lemonade]. So I said thank you, and pretended to drink it. Then she said "That will be three coins."

At the moment she's sitting in her box, watching TV and singing 'row row row your boat'.

Otherwise, I've been stressed to the gills and doing nothing exciting. Still knitting, still spinning. Details hopefully soon.

And have I mentioned lately, Elizabeth Zimmermann was a freakin' genius?


Amy Lane said...

Now THAT'S perfect Goober. (Ladybug came to school with me yesterday, and a fellow teacher walked up and said, "How are you, sweetie?" To which my 2 1/4 year old replied, "I'm happy, thank you." I'm still in awe.)

Roxie said...

Yah hoo! (Good horse. Give him an apple.)

Anonymous said...

Was she a little confused? Did she call the husbeast a dog?

Roz said...

Wow -- she just hit a whole new level of personality in those photos! I remember thinking the same thing about my nieces -- now one is off to junior high school. The other is still in elementary school. Both have very defined personalities. Yikes!

April said...

I think a daily Goober video would go a long way towards restoring world peace.

I'm just sayin'.

Bells said...

Stop it! Stop it! The cuteness is killing me. 'Woah, it's so bumpy' is too cute.