Saturday, August 30, 2008

Odds and ends. And odds.

There appears to be a good bit of interest in the lace knitting, so I'll continue posting about it until I run out of stuff to say, or people beg me to shut up. For now I'll be writing them separately from the 'everyday posts' (of which, this is one) so that they're more easily archived/linked in my sidebar.

Sorry for anyone who contacted me by e-mail the last several days; I'm tweaking my medication again (messing with dosages mostly), and while I'm feeling better, feeling better means feeling good enough to sleep, so that's what I've mostly been doing.

Anyway. While feeling better yesterday I ran out to the craft store again (I'm scaring myself), got home, and found THIS on my futon:

NO idea how the little fucker wormed her way in there. Generally my futon can be used as an archeological record of what I've been doing for the past week; this photo is no exception.

And speaking of scaring myself, my desk looks like this:

I've gotta finish up the practice projects and start posting inventory to Etsy before my office explodes.

Judging from comments made in the hub's office just now, I strongly suspect he is cruising eBay for oboes. No, sorry, drum sets.

New insanity, coming your way, soon.


Bells said...

i love that image of the fouton as an archeological dig. I think my couch in the lounge room is exactly the same. So I'll put off cleaning it up for a while so I can enjoy knowing it's an important site.

Roz said...

Cats just KNOW how to find a cozy place to sleep. It's a good skill to have -- I need to learn!

Donna Lee said...

Ok, the desk gives me the heebie jeebies. One of my coworkers once commented that my desk was so neat. I need to have space around me and too much stuff makes me twitchy.

Alwen said...

I feel better now, seeing your desk.

There's a reason why most of my blog photos are tightly shot and then cropped.

Okay, two reasons: adult ADD usually looks messy to the non-ADD and shedding dogs.

And I was just thinking, re your title, "It's fun to be an odd."