Monday, August 04, 2008


I spent the weekend trying a revolutionary new good-health program called 'getting enough rest'. It started on Friday when the husbeast got home from work early. So I took a nap. And went to bed early. And slept in. And did it all over again. When I wasn't asleep, I deliberately did things I knew relaxed me.

Knitting (decoding the German is going fairly well, thank you):

Spinning (more of the Peacock Tweed; not sure I'll have enough for my original plan, but I'll come up with something):

And a lot of reading, mostly of novels I know will make me laugh. Heavy on the Janet Evanovich (her latest Stephanie Plum made me laugh until I cried last night) and the J D Robb. In the J D Robb, there's a murder committed by a woman named Dolores. In my mind's eye I'm supposed to be seeing scary-yet-beautiful woman. Instead I'm getting a sheep in rhinestone sunglasses. Franklin has a lot to answer for, I tell ya.

Finished off the restorative weekend with an afternoon out with Terby. We were planning to knit, but wound up sitting and talking for a couple hours. Worked for me.

And now, this morning (I feel wide awake before noon for the first time in I'm not admitting how long), I began the day with a two inch cockroach toes-up on the kitchen floor. Blue's Clues is running that damn episode about emotions so every five seconds the Goober runs up making some hideous face, going "I happy/sad/shy/angwy/funny" which is only funny the first couple hundred times. Sekhmet is plastered against me, overjoyed I am not knitting or spinning and therefore allowed on my lap.

Back on the carousel.


Roxie said...

". . . Sleep, that knits up the raveled sleeve of care . . ."

Sounds as if your raveled sleeve got quite a few inches re-done.

And the doily is stunning!

Anonymous said...

Random comments from Pam:
I really miss when you don't blog every day.

Bells is everywhere. I clicked on the links and then clicked on more links. Someone was posting pictures because Bells wanted them.

Clicking through to other sites can be fun. I found a really good salmon recipe that I will try for dinner this week.

The doily like all of your knitting is fabulous.

A video of the Goober using all of the emotions would be great if you have the time. More stuff to embarrass her at her wedding.

Donna Lee said...

Sounds like a restorative weekend. We all need them probably more often than we get them. And translating the German is relaxing?

Bells said...

You got to hang out with Terby? Oh lucky you. I would have loved to have been there.

Good going on the rest. Should be more of it.

Bells said...

Just read Pam's comment. Sometimes I am amazed at how everywhere I am some days!!he he

Alwen said...

I have a mug that says "I'd enjoy the day more if it started later." This turns out to be true!

I've never been a fan of the American(?) tendency to equate sleep with laziness. The brain needs sleep to function. There's some newer research that suggests the brain can't power up while we're awake. (Ah, dang, sowwy: button pressed.)

Anyway, looks like you are translating the German just fine. Sorry to hear about that escaping stitch!

Amy Lane said...

Sleep--what a wonderful concept. I'll try that next June!

Roxie's right--the doily is stunning!

And that cockroach is going to be haunting me forever.

historicstitcher said...

I am THIS close to being within driving distance of you right now! I was daydreaming yesterday that you wandered down to Atlanta, GA, and we spent an evening chatting and knitting and complaining about aching hands.

Business trip.

Child free, Hyatt hotel, per diem's good.