Monday, August 04, 2008

Sekhmet, you fucker.

Remember the washcloth full of catnip tea? I stupidly left it on the floor of my office for Sekhmet to enjoy. You know, trying to be nice.

She ate the catnip.

So she passed out, and was sleeping, curled in a ball, twitching and rowfing in her sleep. (She does this normally, but this was bordering on convulsions, not the usual mild twitchies.) So as I usually do when she's dreaming, I laid my hand on her back to wake her up.

She SCREAMED, lept straight up in the air hissing, and landed facing the other direction - toward me (who at this point had also jumped and shrieked and was thinking of hissing), nearly throwing herself off the futon. She puffed up to twice her normal size, sort of blinked, got her bearings, then began meowing pitifully ("meow? meow?") and crawled into my lap, purring at me for reassurance. I petted her for a while until she chilled out.

Damn stoner cat. Fucker's going to be stuck to me all night, probably hallucinating.


RobynR said...

ohmigod Julie I re-read that twice and I still can't breathe for laughing.

Caffeine Faerie said...

I can't stop laughing, I'm sorry. Having had a similarly catnip-stoned cat experience I know how scary it can be., but my god, that was funny. :)

Catie said...

awwww, poor kitty and poor julie

debsnm said...

I'm sorry, but I haven't laughed like that in forever!! Poor stoner kitty!!!

Amy Lane said...

ROFLMFAOSTC!!! Poor baby--you just don't DO that to a sister when she's coming off the nip, baby--it's bad karma all the way around!!

(Did I mention I'm jealous about you getting to read the last J.D. Robb? It's definitely going on my list!)

Jejune said...

LOL - is she going to get the munchies now?

_ashuri_ said...

The dog that we had ripped open a catnip toy once and Mum came home to the cat rolling around on her back in catnip. Mum called her name and the cat whipped her head around, eyes as big as saucers, then she hauled ass upstairs.

Gotta love cats on kittycrack.