Thursday, August 07, 2008

Random blatherings about nothing in particular.

Still got the migraine off and on. I think it's due to a combination of sinus and not sleeping well. (For some reason, interrupted sleep triggers major migraines for me, and of course there's the cause/effect deal where the migraine messes with my sleep, which makes the migraine worse, which makes my ability to sleep worse, which makes the...)

Anyway. Started on the last section of the chart for the doily. I think I'm going to offer an English version without the charts for anyone who wants it. Once you know what the chart symbols mean, it's pretty easy. I'm also gearing up to order 2,000 yards of black silk to knit what is, essentially, a giant square doily with beads, for a shawl for my mother-in-law for Christmas. (Is it a shrub, or a small tree?) Of course now I also have the urge to knit every new lace pattern I got (there are about thirty) so who knows what in hell's going on around here. Craziness is a pretty sure bet, whatever the details are.

Still knitting felted bowls for a swap with a friend; she sent me a stack of books. I was gonna send one bowl, but when I saw the huge pile of books she sent, well, I'm going to make a few more. Possibly with needle-felted accents, depending on my insanity levels. (They're pretty high right now.)

Uh... Oh. I had this probably hare-brained idea (hair brained? whatever) of pursuing other relaxing hobbies as an alternative to taking tranquilizers. This has led to me pricing oboes on eBay. And to my shock I've found I can afford one. Back in the dawn of my life, I was an oboe player for several (six?) years; since I can't play the piano any more due to the busted hand, I'm thinking about alternatives, and the oboe might work. Especially if I prop it on something. I mentioned this to the husbeast, who was alternately amused and intrigued. He comes from a hugely musical family, so the concept of playing an instrument for fun works fine for him. He's not sure about the 'sounding like a lame duck' aspect of re-learning the oboe, though.

And one last question. For the spinners out there... I spun about 150 yards of worsted-weight (uh, 5-ply? 8-ply? for you Aussies) two-ply yarn in about four hours yesterday. Um. Is that fast? Slow? Doesn't really matter, I'm just curious.

And since there aren't photos of anything else, here you go.

Gearing up for the Vogue Knitting review. Hopefully tonight. And I'm going to be fooling around with the sidebar and header some more.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got another bowl to knit.


Amy Lane said...

The oboe is the instrument that sounds most like the human voice--I've always thought that it was one of the most beautiful sounds in the world. (Besides a flute played at the low ranges--which is REALLY hard to do well.) The goob is awesome--my kids keep dumping out the laundry to watch tv in boxes. It must be a kid thing.

Alwen said...

Goober in a box!

That's cute.

Er, pennywhistles are cheaper (says the woman with a drawerful).

I should have guessed you had a double reed instrument in your past.

Hannah said...

The oboe's a great instrument! It does put a lot of pressure on the right thumb joint, though. I re-dicovered that part when I picked it up again after 10 yrs of not playing. All the rest is a pure joy!

walterknitty said...

My band director in High School called the oboe an "obobois" and I think he used the term "dying goose in heat" to describe wrong notes or pitch. Probably due to the fact that it is not a marching band instrument. But good for you and using relaxation techniques for pain instead of drugs will have an effect on how you feel.

Roxie said...

Ah, yes - the best toy in the world is an empty box. You can fill it with anything!

Bells said...

I just love the Goober in a box, or a bucket, or whatever vessel she chooses to plonk herself into. Is that really just her thing or do all kids love sitting in a box? I've seen kids love to play in a box, hide in a box etc, but using one as a seat on a regular basis strikes me as fairly unique!

You ARE crazy. But hey, that's why we read you, right?

New York Acupuncturist said...

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Cam-ee said...

5 ply = sport weight
8 ply = DK

Worsted is about a 10 - 12 ply, and may be called "aran" or something.

It's not all that consistent within Australia either!

MLE said...

Re obviously know a LOT more on this subject than I do since I've never had the pleasure....but my daughter suffered from them hugely until her doctor took her off the Pill. Since then she has rarely had one. Surprised the hell out of me.

Oboe, huh? When I was a student (Juilliard) we all were convinced that all oboists go crazy because of all that pressure on the brain from blowing. The top oboist at the time turned beet red when he played, including the top of his balding head. Since then I've known a lot of non-crazy oboists, so you can relax!

Becka - The Knitting Wounded said...

I love your knitting magazine reviews, bring it on! I does like a little goob in a box, super cute.

historicstitcher said...

I played bassoon. Nothing like the belching bedpost to make the loudest unplanned squeak in the orchestra!

Maybe we DO have a past as twins split at birth...