Sunday, August 17, 2008

Something new for the hole in my head.

Lately I've been worried that I'm losing manual dexterity. The knitting is great for regular motion, but the really fine-motor stuff, not so much. At least not for me; I've been knitting too long for it to be a challenge (sorry). So for the last month or so, I've been kind of brooding on something I could do that would be more fun than real occupational therapy (which usually comes down to really boring excercises involving ball bearings and tiny little holes). While I was at it, I wondered if I could make some money at it. So I've been poking around Etsy, seeing what is lacking. And I wanted something I didn't have to special-order supplies from Siberia to do.

Then, yesterday, there was that sale at the craft store. Sooooo... well, here are the photos. I started with spools of ribbon, needle and thread, and some scissors.

The rose is kind of impressive, if I do say so myself. I'm gonna put together some stock and make a new section of my Etsy shop. As-is, or by request on barettes, pins, etc.

My fingers are all tired now. That means it's working. And the husbeast didn't have a stroke or anything. He thought it was kind of cool, then I mentioned the Etsy shop and he was quite pleased.

The Goob wants to keep them all.

For those of you who don't understand the magnitude of "I bought more crochet cotton", I took a photo.

The new stuff is the little ecru ball at the lower right. The rest is stuff I have compulsively picked up in the past. My current estimate is nine miles of crochet cotton in there, and at the rate I'm knitting it up, it'll be used up in, um, fifteen years.

Thanks to everyone with the suggestions on where to get good gear for the dressup box. I do intend to hit Goodwill - more than once - and I also hope to clean up on the post-Halloween costume sales. That's why I've started this so early. Depending on prices, I'm probably going to put together a box for my nephew, too.


Maggie said...

As an occupational therapist, good job on finding a meaningful occupation that will enhance your fine motor skills. I don't think that OT's should use things like ball bearings when usually people can find something meaningful that they can do instead.

Any activity that you can do that uses fine manipulatives and in-hand manipulation should help you out. Good luck! Let me know if you need more ideas :)

MrsFife said...

Way to use up nine miles = crochet.

Try a 1.00mm hook ;)

Anonymous said...

Well, have you tried Tatting? I haven't done any tatting with a shuttle, but needle tatting is dead easy to learn... and you can use up some of those miles of cotton even. One year, I must have made about a hundred tatted wreaths for Xmas gifts and the church holiday bizarre ( got it down to 20 minutes per wreath). Like you need another craft, right? I'm holding off on ribbon embroidery so far. I like the rose too. I'm glad to have found a kindred soul... I can let you do a lot of the reading. (Yeah, I'm just as curious and afflicted with that same "all is one" mindset.) DeborahinAZ (ravelry)

Donna Lee said...

The ribbon flowers are great. I like wandering the craft store to see what I can get into next. Working with your hands is satisfying even if it's for therapeutic purposes. Uhm..that's a lot of cotton.

Roz said...

The crochet cotton? HOLY SHIT. That's a lot of cotton.

I like the roses -- and not just because it's my name!

Anonymous said...

i have arthritis at the base of both thumbs from years of mousing (right on mac, left on pc at work-- i now use a trackball there, but still must grip to highlight & note out stuff. which an editor does a lot of.)

3 yrs ago i resumed knitting (continental). my left thumb will never be normal, but at least it again has a joint everywhere it was born with one. my right thumb, not so much. wish i could find a craft that would work its second joint loose. ideas, anyone?

ellen in indy

Barbara said...

I just realized that you were making excuses the other day for not being able to stick to one subject. I have to admit I never really noticed it. Maybe we're all just bouncing around in our heads. I need to find a way to unclench my hands because I grip the needles/hook too tight. A little ADD isn't bad, is it? Oh, look a chicken.

Alwen said...

Oh, finally, a stash where I can say, "That's hardly any crochet cotton at all!"

Srsly, I started buying crochet cotton from sizes 10 to 80 at estate sales when I started tatting back around 1991. I've probably got about that much in one big netted bag.

You're fine. Need more? heh heh heh