Monday, August 04, 2008


Don't you hate when you accidentally drop a stitch in lace, and the motherfucker unzips past a couple decreases down to a double yarnover about five rows down?

Anyone seen my damn crochet hook?


Bunny Queen said...

Yep! I hate it even more when you drop a decrease while knitting lace with mohair, look closely at the row when your stitch count is off and determine that you missed a yarnover and only notice the dime sized hole in the fabric about 10 rows later. Many bad words were said at the Bunny Palace last night when this happened.

Bells said...

Ah, yes, I do hate that. It's my absolute least favourite thing about knitting.

Cam-ee said...

Last year I put my knitting down and somehow the needle slipped (yes, I'm looking at the cat). I was on row 378 and seven stitches in pattern had come off the needle. Oh, and no lifelines.

Biggest repair job ever and I succeeded. I was very proud!

Louiz said...

If you can pick them up with a crochet hook, I'd be very grateful for a tutorial!

Roxie said...

That's when I throw the whole boiling on the floor and go back to garter stitch.

Cat having a bad trip Poor baby. Poor little fucker.