Saturday, August 16, 2008


Ran out to the craft store today for a button and some needles and thread. Everything was on sale. I went insane. Good news is, I think I've got everything I need to make all the Christmas presents I want to make.

Bad news is, I bought more lace/crochet cotton. Because nine miles of it isn't enough. I swear it's an addiction. Then I came home and shopped at Lacis. Somehow that's Alwen's fault. Not quite sure how.

Among other things, for Christmas I am trying to put together a dress-up box for the Goober. And today they were running a 50% off sale on feather boas. So I got a couple. Every little girl needs some feather boas, right? One is screaming pink and the other is white with strings of glittery mylar.

So I'm drifting around the store buying stuff I don't need, and there are two men shopping for uphoulstery fabric who see the feather boas over my arm and start speculating over what I'm going to do with them. And one says "Well that magenta is the WRONG color for her." and I couldn't stop laughing. So I explained it was for my two year old daughter to play dress up with. And the men agreed that oh yes, it would be PERFECT for her, because "two year olds know how to work it".


Now there are feathers drifting around my office. Argh.

In the random category... There are some of you out there who are... entertained... by how my brain jumps around. The real problem, far as I can tell, is that I don't understand how to separate subjects. For me it's all one BIG subject (that I usually lump into 'history'). For instance, at the moment I'm reading "The Grammar of Architecture" (oh, that's the other problem - curious about everything). In this book supposedly on architecture, I have learned about Egyptian geology, hordes of engineering stuff, Babylonian mysticism, astrology, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Japanese and Chinese city planning, gardening... shall I go on? All is one. One is all.

Pass the bong.

And for the Goober addicts among you:

The husbeast's been letting her play with the camera again.

Oh, and the husbeast has just informed me that tropical storm Fay should be at my house by Thursday. With the storm tracking accuracy lately, I'm not holding my breath.


Barbara said...

I think the Goober has discovered the perfect way to take a picture of the Husbeast. We get a little peek at him and a whole lot of her with that intent "I'll dismantle this in a minute" look on her face.

Two year olds DO know how to work it. And they desperately need feather boas to work it in, especially ones with sparkly bits.

Bells said...

Crazy woman.

Although I have to say, I'm smiling at the thought of a stream of Goober In Boa photos down the track!

More cotton? Crazy woman.

Alwen said...

Our son & I were in the craft store the other day - he was seriously tempted by the feather boas!

But I had visions of what I would be scooping out of the dog yard if I brought sparkly turquoise feathers home, and managed to refrain.

(You mean it isn't all one? Hades, woman, my soap says "All-One".)

It's okay to blame me for your Lacis addiction. I can tahk it!

Robin said...

I was in our local Goodwill store buying wool skirts to cut up for rug hooking. There was a lady in there buying alllll this stuff. Turns our she was fixing two dress-up trunks for her nieces. She was using footlockers and decorating the outsides. She had magic wands, high heels, boas, hats, dresses, purses, jewelry, etc. It was the coolest!

Jilly Bean said...

I actually like the jumping around. No matter wht you write about, I'm always learning something!

Caroline said...

Not wanting to sort things into subjects is not a problem, or at least it shouldn't be. I'm a student teacher, and we actually get lectures, and even courses, on the subject (pun half-intended) of getting students not to distinguish between subjects.

(Because the opposite and more common way renders students who don't understand percentages in math, but happily work out statistic charts in social sciences. The human mind sure is a weird place.)

Louiz said...

good tip for dressing up clothes - yard sales, people with teen age children who are looking to get rid of "clutter" and... if the goober likes ballet, if you have a performing arts or ballet school (not just somewhere they teach it in the afternoons or something), they have old tutus and so on that the one I contacted was very happy to let us have one or two for Kathryn...

And you mean, everything isn't all one subject...? But it all connects, if it isn't one subject why does it connect?:)

Roxie said...

Now my inner two year old wants a feather boa, and it's all your fault.

Roz said...

I love how everyone else (so far) has refrained from saying "WTF??" about the guys in the craft store and their comments to you and the boas.

So I will say it -- WTF???

(PS -- didja know there's a reason why we're doing the word verification thingie to post on the website? Apparently, according to NPR, we're helping the NY Times with its archiving of its 19th-century newspapers... Check out the website for more info. A very cool story!)

Donna Lee said...

The dressup box was the favorite toy in our house for years. It had wigs (from when my mother went through her wig period), feather boas, mens' suits, baton twirling costumes with sequins and fringe and other lovely items. Family members kept their eyes out for interesting tidbits. I put it all into a trunk and it was so popular when the kids were small. I was sad when it got wet during a flood in our rec room. I wanted to keep it for grandchildren.

Amy Lane said...

I love her! More!!! I'm entertained by the way your brain jumps around--but then, I follow you just fine! It is all related! Sister, don't bogart that bong!

Robin said...

I just have to say that the picture you have shared with all of us is very cute and she looks pretty cute and thank you for sharing this blog