Thursday, April 03, 2008

The zen of stockinette.

In the round, no less. Somehow I'd forgotten the joy of rounds and rounds and rounds of simple stitches, with no counting, no weirdness, no figuring out what chart you're on. I threw in some waist shaping, but even that I made up as I went so there was no real counting for it, either. Lovely. I'm using the Percentage System, the same decreasing method at the neck as I used for the Blue Shimmer, except with no stranded color. And on size sixes, instead of size ones. Aaaaaaaah. It's almost like a vacation.

-... -

We think we've figured out what's wrong with the Goober - sinus migraines. She's got all the symptoms I get, including the photosensitivity (which is what finally clued me in). Poor thing. Only took me two and a half years to clue in. The one good thing about it is, when I start getting a migraine, I just dose her with kiddie decongestant. No having to try to explain to her what a headache is, and then figure out if she has one. We're getting an appointment with the doc, but I'm not sure there's much else to be done - I doubt it's safe to dose such a small kid with major migraine drugs.

Poor little poo-butt.

-... -

In other news, there is no other news. It's been quiet around here. No more broken bones or other injuries. For those worried about exactly WHY I'm smacking into stuff, I already know why; several of my medications mess with my spatial awareness. This broken toe is number four (or five, I try not to keep track too closely, it's depressing) that I've gotten from walking into walls and stairs and furniture, while on pain medication. The meds also account for the hand smash last Thursday. The fall out the back door was probably a combination of meds, the way the back step is, and stupidity. People trip going out that door all the time. I was stupid to go out that door, carrying ANYTHING, when I knew I was goofy and that step's a big problem anyway. Thank you all for the concern, but sadly, it's kind of normal around here. The weird part was having it all happen so closely together.

Now you know why I hate these pain medications. Still, even the broken toe beats staring at the walls, drooling.




Louiz said...

Poor goober! Migranes are bad enough if you know what they are...

Amy Lane said...

Oh wow... grown-ups are hard to deal with when they're got a head ache... poor little pooh-butt indeed! (And mom too... I still say that sacrifice to Geoff, god of biscuits could help...)

historicstitcher said...

My Little Boy gets migraines, too. They started after the accident 6 years ago, when he was 2. He'd be all pathetic and whiny and point to a spot on his head and say "Mommy, my hair hurts". Cute, but sad. My neurologist dx'ed him, and told me to give him double the "normal" dose of kiddie ibuprofen and it works! Before I know it he's off and running again. (He gets the photosensitivity, too, the pain in the head, nausea to vomiting, and he might be getting auras, but it's hard even at 8 to explain and try to have him tell you, especially when he's hurting).

I need some therapeutic stockinette - the torso sock is driving me batty!

Donna Lee said...

Poor goober. This spring weather is killing my sinuses. She must really hurt.

Bells said...

I was reading EZ last night and starting to yearn for maybe a yoke sweater or something, something that's kinda like the steeked jacket only EASIER. All that round and round. I've got plans. I'll be joining you soon! That blue just looks better and better.

Poor Goober. That's really quite unfair on such a little head.

Roxie said...

Poor Goober! And poor you! I was worried that maybe the spouse was pounding on you, but usually that shows with facial bruises, rarely with broken toes and damaged ankles. Goofy meds makes more sense. You're not driving, are you?