Saturday, April 05, 2008

A day of annoyance. With photos.

It was one of those days, you know, where things aren't bad enough to work up a real mad, but a series of dumb stuff happens and you spend too much of your time, throwing up your hands and making frustrated noises.

First, the Goober woke me up at three AM. A fine way to start the day (please note heavy sarcasam). When I went into her nursery and asked her what was wrong, she said "I hungry. Cookies? Please?"

After I got up AGAIN, I fixed the spinning wheel. The Goober got hold of it while I was in the restroom yesterday. She didn't truly break it, but it took a while to put back together:

That shiny thing hanging over the bobbin? That's the drive belt. Yes. The one that's supposed to be in the back, around the wheel. Then, when trying to fix it, she managed to wrap both ends AND some of the roving around the bobbin:

Still not sure how she managed that. But I'm impressed. In a mildly irritated kind of way.

THEN, I sat down to knit on the zen sweater, because it's zen, you know, and calming, and everything's going smoothly and the yarn is lovely, and...

Sekhmet, you fucker.

I decided to find my size five double-points, which I need to do the hems on the sleeves of the zen sweater. It took quite a long time, but finally I found them:

Remember the Pinwheel Jacket? I'd managed to block it completely from my mind. Bugger.

Now I have to decide whether I finish the sleeve of the Pinwheel before I go back to the zen, or... oh, BUGGER.

And it's raining.

And my toe is still broken.

Yes, the top of my foot is green. And still swollen.

But I've had a wonderful series of excuses to eat lots and lots of chocolate. Lindt milk chocolate with hazelnuts.

So maybe the day wasn't an entire washout. I could really go for a martini. Or, no, a chocolate milkshake with Bailey's Irish Creme in it.



Amy Lane said...

The spinning wheel along would have made me lose my ever-loving mind. The pinwheel sweater? Oh yeah...I remember when you were working on that!!!!

Seriously-- a 'bugger' kind of day!!!

Anonymous said...

no matter how many needles you have, it never seems to be quite enough, does it?

imagining the goober trying to fix what she'd done made me smile. by the time she's a teen-ager, she may be building her own wheels, with some improvements thrown in. when she's old enough, buy her a set of k'nex. if she doesn't play with them, you can always build a small portable swift with them.

ellen in indy

Helen said...

I have spatial and balance problems, due to a condition I have rather than medication, and I have been amazed to find how well Crocs suit me. I thought at first they would be wobbly, but they make me really stable. And they offer lots of toe protection too, although I move so slowly that I tend not to do myself such dramatic damage. Have you tried them? Sorry if this is a daft idea - you must get tired of people making well-meaning suggestions - but I thought it might be worth a go.
I love that story about the Goober banging her arm and saying, 'Ow, fuck.' It makes me giggle every time I think of it.

Donna Lee said...

The foot looks painful. I have no feeling in the toe I broke. Something about the nerves. At least the Goober tried to fix the wheel. Maybe she was just trying to see how it works. I live with a house full of people who always want to take things apart and "just see how they work".

Alwen said...

Proof that I'm evil: I looked at your foot and thought "Biliverdin!"

(At a similar age, I got spanked for disassembling a fan of iris leaves, trying to find out where they came from.)

historicstitcher said...

I once took apart a telephone to see how it worked. The I put it back together, put it back where I'd found it, and threw away the extra pieces!

My Little Boy is all about figuring out how things work. He's been known to lay under the weaving loom, watching. He took apart his skateboard and put it back together.

Yesterday he decided to "mine for marble" in the flower bed. I made him refill the 12" deep pit, buyt showed him a better place to dig. Hey - if he wants to tire himself out digging holes, at least he'll sleep better!